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Azur Games migrates all game analytics data to ClickHouse Cloud on AWS

Azur Games , a mobile game publisher and developer, recently achieved over 8 billion game installs across their portfolio of hypercasual games. In the beginning of 2024, Azur Games migrated all 120 TB of their active game telemetry data to ClickHouse Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a fully managed service that allows companies to […]

Gamer Arena minimizes DevOps demands, unlocks generative AI potential with AWS

Serving more than 550,000 users globally, Gamer Arena offers a unique ecosystem for video game players to compete and earn rewards. Established in 2020, the company aims to introduce gamers to the advantages of blockchain technology in a fun and exciting way. It hosts a mobile application with more than 20 self-published games, as well […]

Speed up game server development with Amazon GameLift Anywhere and the Amazon GameLift Agent

When developing multiplayer games, you are constantly creating new game client and game server builds. Being able to test the latest changes quickly is important for getting feedback on feature updates and bug fixes. This fast iteration cycle allows you to keep developing without interruptions. There are many aspects to automating the build and deployment […]

Maximize Your Game Data Insights with the updated Game Analytics Pipeline

In the highly competitive gaming industry, collecting and utilizing data has become a driving factor for game success. Game studios of all sizes have realized the immense value in analyzing player data to drive key business decisions. Additionally, the trend of releasing Games-as-a-Service where revenue is primarily generated from in-app purchases, subscriptions, and other microtransactions, […]

Freedom Games supports the indie game community with AWS

More than entertainment, video games unite people across the globe with common interests. It’s that sense of community that drives Freedom Games to support indie developers in bringing their titles to players worldwide. Established in 2020, Freedom Games has built a platform that supports many indie studios every year, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing […]

Ensuring fair play by detecting and preventing profile alterations with Amazon Textract

Introduction Developing tools and solutions that can detect and prevent collusion in multiplayer online gaming is crucial for fair play, protecting a game’s integrity, boosting player confidence, and even maintaining a stable in-game economy. One method that gamers use to work together outside the boundaries of legal and ethical standards is sharing phone numbers or […]

Enhancing Game and Media Workflows with Global File Systems on AWS

­In today’s global interconnected world, organizations often find themselves distributed across various geographical locations. It all begins as a small local studio, where artists collaborate in a single physical location, relying on local storage solutions like network-attached storage (NAS). As the studio begins to gain momentum and expand to a globally connected organization with studios in multiple […]

How Games24x7 delivers millions of push notification using AWS

This post is co-authored by Sachin Sangle, Senior Software Engineer; Deepak Mishra, Engineering Manager; Dhiraj Prajapati, Engineering Manager; and Anil Kumar, Senior Engineering Manager, at Games24x7. Games24x7 is India’s most valuable multi-game platform. It is fueled by a dedication to blend science with cherished nostalgic games, crafting captivating online experiences for over 100 million players. […]

The Game Developer’s Guide to re:Invent 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023 is fast approaching, and AWS for Games is gearing up to welcome attendees from around the globe at the annual conference for developers in Las Vegas November 27 – December 1. This year, in addition to announcements unveiled during re:Invent keynotes, attendees can check out an exciting array of panel discussions, presentations, […]

How Adtech Platform AudioMob Is Changing The Mobile Game Monetization Through Amazon Web Services

AudioMob was founded after we spotted a tremendous monetization opportunity for game developers. Rewarded video ads in mobile games have made developers and publishers money, but always at the expense of interrupting games. Yet these interruptions don’t just irritate players, they can even push them away from a game entirely, thereby damaging retention. This can […]