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Changing Lives with AI: Pollexy (“Polly” + “Lex”), A Special Needs Verbal Assistant

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With the emergence of devices like the Amazon Echo and AWS services like Amazon Polly and Amazon Lex, it’s easier to develop integrated voice solutions that can simplify life and make it more enjoyable. In some cases, the resulting innovations can lead to life-changing experiences because the technology facilitates communication breakthroughs that surpass making some experiences more convenient or entertaining.

Case in point: Pollexy (“Polly” + “Lex”), a special needs verbal assistant. Pollexy is a mobile application that runs on Raspberry Pi and was developed by Troy Larson. Pollexy enables caretakers to trigger audio messages on a recurring schedule and on demand using the Amazon Echo. For a special needs person, such as Troy’s son Calvin, Pollexy provides not only spoken support and guidance, but also the “confidence, respect and the sense of privacy and freedom that we all want to enjoy”.

If you missed it when it was originally published, please take a few minutes to read Troy Larson’s full blog post about Pollexy. It’s a wonderful and moving example of how advances in technology can make a meaningful difference in our lives.




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