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[Updated 1/3] M&E Releases and Launches from re:Invent 2019

With more than 75 launches and announcements of new services and major features during re:Invent 2019, we wanted to be sure you knew about those most relevant for media workloads. Below you can watch Ben Masek, Global Business Development Lead, Worldwide M&E, give an overview of what was launched. Overall, we saw three big themes for M&E […]

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What Was New for AWS Elemental Media Services in 2019

Introduction In 2018, AWS Elemental released AWS Elemental MediaConnect and added features and improvements to other five services that were released in 2017. If you missed all that news, you can catch-up here. At re:Invent 2019, the AWS Elemental team will present a review of the past year at the Twitch Launchpad. You can watch […]

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AWS Elemental MediaLive Offers Statistical Multiplexing for Better Broadcast Quality, Performance, and Bandwidth Management

Statistical Multiplexing (Statmux) is now available with AWS Elemental MediaLive. Statmux is a technology used in live broadcast workflows that allocates bits in real time among multiple live video channels. It instantaneously adjusts the bitrate of each channel in the statmux pool to make the best use of total available bandwidth and combines the encoded […]

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