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Figure 02: The Unreal Engine interface, with the movie Render Queue shown. At the bottom of the Movie Render Queue panel, two blue buttons can be selected; one reads ‘Render (Local)’ and the other ‘Render (Remote)’. A new Deadline pane is shown to the right of the Movie Render Queue, with various render parameters visible.

Scheduling Epic Games’ Unreal Engine pipelines with AWS Thinkbox Deadline

This blog post was co-authored by Michael Muir, Senior Product Specialist at Epic Games. Figure 01: Epic Games’ Unreal Engine provides real-time content generation, manipulation and rendering. Introduction Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has revolutionized the creation and manipulation of real-time 3D content. With technology advances such as Lumen and Nanite in Unreal Engine 5, leaps […]

Deadline 10.3 Featured Image

AWS Thinkbox Deadline adds final-pixel render support for real-time animation work in Unreal Engine 5

AWS Thinkbox Deadline 10.3, a new version of the batch compute render scheduler, is now available. This version introduces support for Epic Games’ real-time 3D content creation tool, Unreal Engine, and includes version updates for many other industry standard digital content creation (DCC) applications. Compatible across Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms, Deadline 10.3 supports over […]

Virtual production reference architecture with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine

Today, we introduce the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Reference Architecture for Virtual Production with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. AWS customers, when challenged with building the right architecture for virtual production, can follow the best practices outlined in this post. This reference architecture is built with security, agility, and operational excellence in mind. AWS Reference Architecture […]

Virtual production and the rise of the microstudio

Co-Authored by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull, Director / Producer (co-founder) of Haz Film.    I was recently awarded a spot in Epic Games’ Unreal Fellowship for a deep-dive into virtual media production. Epic Games is aggressively supporting the growth of game engine technology and its use in film and TV production. The Unreal Fellowship is a […]