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Use port forwarding in AWS Systems Manager Session Manager to connect to remote hosts

We recently announced a new capability within AWS Systems Manager Session Manager that allows forwarding connections from client machines to ports on remote hosts. This enables users to securely access and manage remote servers (databases, web servers, etc.) in the private networks without needing to setup bastion hosts or open additional ports to the outside […]

Achieving Operational Excellence using automated playbook and runbook

An important aspect of operational readiness is having a well-defined process to perform activities in your workload for various scenarios as indicated in Question 7 of Operational Excellence pillar in AWS Well-Architected Framework. Which aims at evaluating your workload’s readiness for operation, from process and personnel perspective. In the case of Incident response, a team […]

Streamline Automation with Outbound Webhooks for AWS Systems Manager Runbooks

Automation runbooks let you define a set of actions that automate various operations in your AWS environment. Runbooks allow our customers to simply configure automation workflows that they can execute based on either events or a scheduled cadence. These workflows commonly require integration with third-party systems, such as Slack, Jira, and ServiceNow. As of January […]