HPC on AWS for COVID-19 Research and Development

As part of the COVID-19 HPC Consortium, AWS is offering research institutions and companies technical support and promotional credits for the use of AWS services to advance research on diagnosis, treatment, and vaccine studies to accelerate our collective understanding of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Researchers and scientists working on time-critical projects can use AWS to instantly access virtually unlimited infrastructure capacity, and the latest technologies in compute, storage and networking to accelerate time to results.

Researchers are invited to submit COVID-19 related research proposals to the COVID-19 HPC Consortium via the online portal. Proposals are evaluated by a panel of experts and selected proposals will be matched with computing resources from one of the participating consortium members.

Additional resources to help accelerate your COVID-19 Research

Registry of Open Data on AWS
When organizations make data open on AWS, scientists can access and analyze it, delivering innovative solutions to big challenges. AWS makes a variety of Public Data Sets available to researchers and the public.

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Learn how to run genomics workflows on AWS
Access our online guide to learn how to use AWS services, such as Amazon S3, AWS Step Functions, and AWS Batch, as well as popular open source workflow orchestrators like Cromwell and Nextflow, to run large scale genomics workflows on AWS. Including source code, documentation and relevant scripts that are now available on GitHub.

Genomics Workflows on AWS
AWSLabs GitHub for genomics
Drug Discovery and Pre-Clinical Research using AWS

Further resources