CfnCluster is a tool used to build and manage High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters on AWS.

Once created, you can log into your cluster via the master node where you will have access to standard HPC tools such as schedulers, shared storage, and an MPI environment.

Mac and Linux

Requires Python 2.6.5 or higher.
Install using pip.


Support is experimental.
Install using pip.

pip install cfncluster

After CfnCluster is installed, you will need to create it's initial configuration.

$ cfncluster configure

The CfnCluster User Guide walks you through installing and configuring the tool.  Once configured, you can begin making calls to manage your cluster. With CfnCluster, you can also use Amazon EC2 Spot instances to run HPC applications for as low as 1 cent per core hour.

$ cfncluster list


$ cfncluster create mycluster


cluster_type = spot

spot_price = 0.00


$ cfncluster update mycluster


$ cfncluster delete mycluster

You can get help on the command line to see supported actions.

$ cfncluster --help

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