Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf is a global leader in security operations, enabling customers to manage their cyber risk in the face of modern cyber attacks via a premier cloud-native security operations platform.

“Having a highly available and durable private certificate authority powered by AWS’s global infrastructure ensures Arctic Wolf’s mission-critical applications always have access to trusted certificates.”

Jake Billo, Director of R&D, Arctic Wolf


Espressif is a leading semiconductor company providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 802.15.4 connectivity hardware and software solutions for the IoT segment.

“Espressif’s Matter Pre-Provisioning Service reduces complexity in the manufacturing of Matter-compatible devices by providing chips and modules that are securely pre-provisioned with certificates. We chose AWS Private CA to build a cloud-based CA as part of our module pre-provisioning service as it is a comprehensive CA service that meets the Matter PKI Certificate Policy requirements. AWS Private CA allowed us to build the service without worrying about scalability, security, or evolving certificate management requirements of Matter protocol.”

Kedar Sovani, Senior Director of Engineering, Espressif


PingCAP is the company behind TiDB, an open-source, distributed SQL database for demanding modern applications.

“We at PingCAP chose AWS Private CA because of its ability to customize private certificate templates to comply with our unique organizational policies making governance and auditing so much easier. By using customizable private certificates, we can set the validity of our certificates to what we want and support identities for computers, web services, containers, users, IoT devices, and more.”

Ed Huang, Co-founder and CTO, PingCAP

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