"MarketShare offers the industry leading cross-media analytics solutions for global marketers. Called out as a leader in the industry by Forrester Research and a 'Cool Vendor' by Gartner, MarketShare has enabled more than half of the Fortune 50 companies to dramatically improve their marketing effectiveness."

"We reviewed many of the existing and emerging solutions on the market and standardized on Amazon RDS for Oracle due to its superior performance, low cost and license included licensing model for Oracle Database Standard Edition One. MarketShare enables Marketers to build sophisticated models and provide them with customized forecasts, simulations and optimization models. These require the application to run sophisticated OLAP queries interspersed with large scale updates. Amazon RDS for Oracle helps bring scalability and cost effectiveness to this environment."

"We run our cross-channel marketing resource allocation platform called MarketShare Optimizer on Amazon RDS for Oracle and based on the positive results are in the process of standardizing this architecture in our entire application stack."