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Announcing Read Replicas, Lower High Memory DB Instance Prices for Amazon RDS

We are excited to announce the release of Read Replicas for Amazon RDS. You can now create one or more replicas of a given “source” DB Instance and serve incoming read traffic from multiple copies of your data. This new database deployment option enables you to elastically scale out beyond the capacity constraints of a single DB Instance for read-heavy database workloads. You can use Read Replicas in conjunction with Multi-AZ replication for scalable, reliable, and highly available production database deployments. To learn more about the release of Read Replicas, please visit the forum post here.

In addition to the release of Read Replicas, we have also lowered the On-Demand and Reserved prices for High Memory Double Extra Large (m2.2xlarge) and Quadruple Extra Large (m2.4xlarge) DB Instances. See the pricing section of the Amazon RDS detail page for full details.

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