Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP have developed a close collaborative alliance dedicated to creating innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes and to delivering maximum customer value.

New and existing SAP customers and partners can deploy SAP solutions on the AWS cloud in both production and non-production environments knowing that SAP and AWS have tested the underlying AWS resources, verified their performance, and certified them against the same standards that SAP applies to traditional IT infrastructures.

AWS is completely self-service and you only pay for the resources you need and use. With AWS you don’t need to wait days, weeks or even months for capitol to be approved and infrastructure to be procured, deployed and configured. You can deploy the infrastructure needed to support a complete SAP environment in only a few hours.

Amazon EC2 provides standard Windows Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server images that you can install SAP solutions on top of just like any physical or virtual server in your own datacenter. Once you have completed the SAP installation, post-installation steps and configuration tasks you can create your own Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and use it to rapidly deploy new systems in the future. Pre-built SAP system images built by SAP and SAP partners are also available on AWS. These pre-built images enable you to deploy a pre-installed, fully configured SAP system in less than 30 minutes. You can find pre-built SAP system images at the links below

Current SAP certified solutions for production on AWS
SAP Business Suite
SAP Business All-in-One
SAP BusinessObjects
SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)
SAP Afaria
SAP Business One
SAP HANA (on-demand) on CR1 up to 1.22TB

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If you are you are not able to or do not want to implement or manage your SAP environment on AWS yourself, AWS has a network or SAP partners that can provide services specifically tailored to SAP and AWS.
The AWS Partner Network contains SAP partners that can provide both SAP consulting and SAP managed services on the AWS platform to help you reduce the time-to-value of an SAP implementation or project on AWS and to help you maximize the benefits of SAP solutions and AWS platform.

To learn more about the types of services offered by AWS SAP partners and to find an AWS SAP partner please visit the Find a Partner page.

Amazon Web Services offers SAP customers and partners of all sizes many benefits compared to traditional IT infrastructure:

Start using AWS with no up-front cost or commitment and only pay for what you use

Provision new infrastructure and SAP systems in minutes vs. days, weeks or months

On-demand access to virtually unlimited compute, storage and network capacity

Benefit from AWS’s economies of scale and efficiencies. Pay for only the compute, storage, and other resources you use

Free internal resources from the day-to-day undifferentiated tasks of managing infrastructure

Access to AWS infrastructure in 9 regions across the globe On-demand access to virtually unlimited compute, storage and network capacity

Secure and durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits

Select the operating system, database, and other services you need

Procure, provision and manage AWS resources via self-service

Eliminate the burden of having to plan and manage hardware refreshes every 3-5 years

Add and remove resources as needed. Horizontal and vertical scaling

Leverage the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud to build connections between your datacenter and the AWS Cloud