Get started quickly using AWS with the AWS SDK for Ruby. The SDK helps take the complexity out of coding by providing Ruby classes for many AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, and more. The single, downloadable package includes the AWS Ruby Library and documentation. The SDK is also available through Ruby Gems (

The next major release of the AWS SDK for Ruby is now available for preview. Try out the new features, give us feedback, and help shape the final design.

Extensible Clients Using Plugins and Handlers

Write your own credentials handler, provide default values for a specific service, or create a new retry policy using the AWS SDK for Ruby's plugin architecture.

Lightweight Codebase

JSON service descriptions are used to dynamically build clients, making the SDK fast and lightweight.

SDK-wide Improvements

The AWS SDK for Ruby - Version 2 offers a wide range of enhancements over version 1 including better client-side validation, easier to use reference documentation, support for JRuby, and full service coverage.

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gem install aws-sdk --pre

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Manage application data following the ActiveRecord-style of Ruby on Rails®, complete with validators, finders, and scopes.

Integrate with Ruby on Rails®

Use Amazon SES with ActionMailer, easily support multiple target environments, and send messages to the Ruby on Rails® logger.

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