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ACE Updates: Opportunity Management Enhancements for ACE Pipeline Manager

By Amy Donley, Global ACE Lead at AWS

APN-Customer-Engagements-2019The APN Customer Engagements (ACE) opportunity validation experience is being updated for AWS Partners to streamline the overall validation process in several key ways:

  • Proactively calling out the most common errors that delay approvals.
  • Allowing you to edit submissions requiring additional information directly in the ACE Pipeline Manager.

In addition, we are updating the “Date of last provided update exceeds 2 weeks” opportunity and lead list views to only show items in which you are able to take action. This provides AWS Partners with a clearer view of updates requested.

Communicating Errors During Opportunity Submission Process

The ACE Pipeline Manager will now notify you of common errors during the opportunity submission process. AWS Partners can see and rectify these items immediately during submission and submit after correcting.

You’ll receive an error message if your submission includes any of the following:

  • $0 MRR.
  • Close date in the past.
  • Submitted a duplicate opportunity within 120 days.
  • Short description (<25 characters).
  • Email or website are in an inaccurate format.
  • Submitting Partner is the end customer.

Editing Opportunities in ‘Research’ Status Directly in ACE Pipeline Manager

When AWS requests additional information on Partner opportunity submissions during the validation process, you can now provide opportunity updates directly within the ACE Pipeline Manager. You also have visibility to the APN review and disqualification details during this process.

The updated experience in the ACE Pipeline Manager includes:

  • Opportunity status is updated to ‘Action Required’ to highlight the request for an update.
  • The following opportunity fields become editable to Partners:
    • Project Description
    • Expected Monthly AWS Revenue
    • Target Close Date
    • Customer Website
    • Customer Billing Information (Country and Postal Code)
  • You can simply resubmit your opportunities when the updates are complete.
  • When an opportunity is in review, you’ll be able to view the ‘APN Review Reason’ details.
  • If an opportunity has been rejected, you can now view the ‘APN Disqualified Reason’ details.

Note that you’ll still receive an email notification when additional opportunity information is needed, and will receive a reminder email to help ensure that requested updates are provided within the 5-day response timeline.

Update to ‘Date of Last Provided Update Exceeds 2 Weeks’ List View

To make it easier for you to see which leads and opportunities need your attention, the ‘Date of last provided update exceeds 2 weeks’ list view located on the APN Partner Central home page and in the ACE Pipeline Manager has been updated to only show items in which you are able to take action.

For additional information about the enhancements and how to begin utilizing them, please refer to updated ACE resources in Partner Central:

We invite you to take advantage of upcoming ACE PartnerCast opportunity management and submission sessions which provide updates regarding these new features.