APN Customer Engagements Program

Collaborate with AWS to drive successful customer engagements

What is the ACE Program?

The APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program enables AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners to build, grow, and drive successful customer engagements with AWS Sales. It provides APN Partners with a platform to collaborate with AWS Sales and Marketing teams, request funding and technical support to help you co-sell with AWS.

All APN Consulting and Technology Partners can participate in the ACE Program, irrespective of where you are in your APN Partner journey. Discover ACE Program sales motions, benefits, and how to become eligible for ACE Program benefits below.

Hear from APN Partners leveraging ACE

ACE Sales Motions

The ACE Program supports these sales motions to help you grow your business.


APN Partner Opportunity Referrals

All APN Partners can submit sales opportunities to seek AWS Sales support. Once an opportunity is validated, you can collaborate with AWS Sales to help build your business.


AWS Opportunity and Lead Referrals

APN Select or higher tier partners who participate in various APN Programs and meet ACE Program criteria become eligible for AWS referred opportunities and leads to help you co-sell.

ACE Program Benefits

Engage with AWS Sales teams

For every AWS validated opportunity, you receive an introduction to AWS Sales to engage on the customer opportunity.

Evangelize your customer successes

You can manage your opportunity pipeline and share customer successes to drive visibility and build trust with AWS Sales. Eligible partners are able to participate in joint or AWS-led customer campaigns.

Receive technical support and resources

Receive technical support and gain access to tools and resources for your AWS validated opportunities including AWS Compete, or Cloud Economics resources.

Accelerate through APN Partner Journey

Opportunities submitted through the ACE tool and successfully launched are also accounted towards your APN Tier requirements, enabling you to grow as an APN Partner.

ACE Partner Journey

The ACE Program doesn’t require an application process. All registered and APN Tier Partners (Select, Advanced, and Premier) can leverage the ACE Program by accepting the terms and conditions when they access the ACE Pipeline Manager in APN Partner Central.
Follow these steps to begin collaborating and co-selling with AWS.

First, share APN Partner opportunities with AWS Sales

Start your ACE journey with submitting sales opportunities in the ACE Pipeline Manager to seek AWS Sales support.
  • Step 1: Access ACE Pipeline Manager
  • Step 2: Submit opportunities
  • Step 3: Keep opportunities up-to-date
  • Step 4: Launch the opportunity
  • Step 1: Access ACE Pipeline Manager
  • Note: ACE Pipeline Manager can only be accessed by your partner alliance lead. You alliance lead can grant you permissions in the Opportunity Management tool by adding you as a user in the tool.

  • Step 2: Submit opportunities
    • Read through ACE User Guide in APN Partner Central to learn about what accounts for an AWS Validated Opportunity
    • You can submit new opportunities through the ACE Pipeline Manager on APN Partner Central by accessing the "My Customers" tab, and accepting ACE Program terms and conditions. Select "+ new" to submit an opportunity
    • Enter your new opportunity details in the submission form provided. You will receive a notification in APN Partner Central that your opportunity has been submitted
    • Upon opportunity validation, you will receive an email introducing you to the AWS Sales team and can communicate directly with them
  • Step 3: Keep opportunities up-to-date
    • Regularly update customer opportunities throughout the opportunity life cycle in the ACE Pipeline Manager to maximize visibility with AWS Sales
  • Step 4: Launch the opportunity
    • Ensure you launch the opportunity in APN Partner Central to account these towards your APN Partner Tier requirements to grow along your APN Partner journey

Then, become eligible for ACE Program benefits

In order to take advantage of the relationship you are building with AWS Sales on every validated opportunity, continue your ACE journey by following these steps.
  • Advanced and Premier Tier APN Partners Step 1:
  • Select Tier APN Partners Step 1:
  • Step 2: Receive ACE Benefits

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