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Multi-Region guest profile architecture

How Shiji Group created a global guest profile store on AWS

Shiji Group provides global software solutions for the hospitality industry. The Shiji Enterprise Platform enables customers to manage large hotel property portfolios using software as a service (SaaS). Among functionalities such as reservations, housekeeping, finance, and integrations with external systems, the guest profile is a key aspect of the system. Besides personal information (such as […]

Launchmetrics backend architecture

How Launchmetrics improves fashion brands performance using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

Launchmetrics offers its Brand Performance Cloud tools and intelligence to help fashion, luxury, and beauty retail executives optimize their global strategy. Launchmetrics initially operated their whole infrastructure on-premises; however, they wanted to scale their data ingestion while simultaneously providing improved and faster insights for their clients. These business needs led them to build their architecture […]

Digital shopping experience architecture

Amazon Personalize customer outreach on your ecommerce platform

In the past, brick-and-mortar retailers leveraged native marketing and advertisement channels to engage with consumers. They have promoted their products and services through TV commercials, and magazine and newspaper ads. Many of them have started using social media and digital advertisements. Although marketing approaches are beginning to modernize and expand to digital channels, businesses still […]

Launching cloud architecture patterns as AWS Service Catalog products

Maintain visibility over the use of cloud architecture patterns

Cloud platform and enterprise architecture teams use architecture patterns to provide guidance for different use cases. Cloud architecture patterns are typically aggregates of multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources, such as Elastic Load Balancing with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, or Amazon Relational Database Service with Amazon ElastiCache. In a large organization, cloud platform teams often […]

Let's Architect

Let’s Architect! Modern data architectures

With the rapid growth in data coming from data platforms and applications, and the continuous improvements in state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, data are becoming key assets for companies. Modern data architectures include data mesh—a recent style that represents a paradigm shift, in which data is treated as a product and data architectures are designed around […]

DWBI workload with multiple tools

Data warehouse and business intelligence technology consolidation using AWS

Organizations have been using data warehouse and business intelligence (DWBI) workloads to support business decision making for many years. These workloads are brought to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to utilize the benefit of AWS cloud. However, these workloads are built using multiple vendor tools and technologies, and the customer faces the burden of […]

Basic architecture on how data drift is detected using Amazon SageMaker

Detecting data drift using Amazon SageMaker

As companies continue to embrace the cloud and digital transformation, they use historical data in order to identify trends and insights. This data is foundational to power tools, such as data analytics and machine learning (ML), in order to achieve high quality results. This is a time where major disruptions are not only lasting longer, […]

SAML transactions between Amazon OpenSearch Service and Okta

Building SAML federation for Amazon OpenSearch Service with Okta

Amazon OpenSearch Service is a fully managed open search and analytics service powered by the Apache Lucene search library. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based federation for OpenSearch Dashboards lets you use your existing identity provider (IdP) like Okta to provide single sign-on (SSO) for OpenSearch Dashboards on OpenSearch Service domains. This post shows step-by-step guidance […]

SAML transactions between Amazon OpenSearch Service and Ping Identity

Building SAML federation for Amazon OpenSearch Service with Ping Identity

Amazon OpenSearch Service is an open search and log analytics service, powered by the Apache Lucene search library. In this blog post, we provide step-by-step guidance for SP-initiated SSO by showing how to set up a trial Ping Identity account. We’ll show how to build users and groups within your organization’s directory and enable SSO […]

A high-level view of a SAML transaction between Amazon OpenSearch Service and Auth0

Building SAML federation for Amazon OpenSearch Service with Auth0

Amazon OpenSearch Service is a fully managed, distributed, open search, and analytics service that is powered by the Apache Lucene search library. OpenSearch Service is used for real-time application monitoring, log analytics, and website search. It’s ideal for use cases that require fast access and response for large volumes of data. OpenSearch Dashboards is derived […]