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Architecture for AWS Clean Rooms Scope 3 collaboration

Managing data confidentiality for Scope 3 emissions using AWS Clean Rooms

Scope 3 emissions are indirect greenhouse gas emissions that are a result of a company’s activities, but occur outside the company’s direct control or ownership. Measuring these emissions requires collecting data from a wide range of external sources, like raw material suppliers, transportation providers, and other third parties. One of the main challenges with Scope […]

sustainability icon concept: renewable energy, ecology, environmental protection – vector illustration

Prioritizing sustainable cloud architectures: a how-to round up

With Earth Month upon us and in celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, 4/22, sustainability is top-of-mind for individuals and organizations around the world. But it doesn’t take a certain time of year to act toward the urgent need to innovate and adopt smarter, more efficient solutions! Sustainable cloud architectures are fundamental to sustainable workloads, and […]

David Chaiken, Chief Architect at Pinterest, describes Pinterest’s sustainability journey with AWS

Architecting for Sustainability at AWS re:Invent 2022

AWS re:Invent 2022 featured 24 breakout sessions, chalk talks, and workshops on sustainability. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the sessions and announcements and discuss their relevance to the sustainability of, in, and through the cloud. First, we’ll look at AWS’ initiatives and progress toward delivering efficient, shared infrastructure, water stewardship, and sourcing renewable power. […]

Let's Architect

Let’s Architect! Architecting for sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic in the tech industry, as well as society as a whole, and defined as the ability to continue to perform a process or function over an extended period of time without depletion of natural resources or the environment. One of the key elements to designing a sustainable workload is software […]

Optimize your modern data architecture for sustainability: Part 2 – unified data governance, data movement, and purpose-built analytics

In the first part of this blog series, Optimize your modern data architecture for sustainability: Part 1 – data ingestion and data lake, we focused on the 1) data ingestion, and 2) data lake pillars of the modern data architecture. In this blog post, we will provide guidance and best practices to optimize the components […]

How to select a Region for your workload based on sustainability goals

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud is a constantly expanding network of Regions and points of presence (PoP), with a global network infrastructure linking them together. The choice of Regions for your workload significantly affects your workload KPIs, including performance, cost, and carbon footprint. The Well-Architected Framework’s sustainability pillar offers design principles and best practices […]

Optimize your modern data architecture for sustainability: Part 1 – data ingestion and data lake

The modern data architecture on AWS focuses on integrating a data lake and purpose-built data services to efficiently build analytics workloads, which provide speed and agility at scale. Using the right service for the right purpose not only provides performance gains, but facilitates the right utilization of resources. Review Modern Data Analytics Reference Architecture on […]

Figure 2. Tools you can use on AWS for optimization purposes

Optimizing your AWS Infrastructure for Sustainability, Part IV: Databases

In Part I: Compute, Part II: Storage, and Part III: Networking of this series, we introduced strategies to optimize the compute, storage, and networking layers of your AWS architecture for sustainability. This post, Part IV, focuses on the database layer and proposes recommendations to optimize your databases’ utilization, performance, and queries. These recommendations are based […]

sustainability icon concept: renewable energy, ecology, environmental protection – vector illustration

Architecting for sustainability: a re:Invent 2021 recap

At AWS re:Invent 2021, we announced the AWS Well-Architected Sustainability Pillar, which marks sustainability as a key pillar of building workloads to best deliver on business need. In session ARC325 – Architecting for Sustainability, Adrian Cockcroft, Steffen Grunwald, and Drew Engelson (Director of Engineering at Starbucks) gave a detailed explanation of what to expect from the […]