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Enhance web application security using AWS WAF and Cloudbric's OWASP Top 10 managed rule set

Enhance web application security using AWS WAF and Cloudbric’s OWASP Top 10 managed rule set

In this tutorial, Global Marketing Manager at Cloudbric Corporation Yongwook Lucas Yoon shows how to implement the Cloudbric Managed Rule Set for AWS WAF to reinforce and maintain web security from ever-changing new threats. Learn how to enhance application security by subscribing to the service and implementing Cloudbric’s Managed Rule Set to a web ACL.

Fortinet create rules page

Creating web access control lists using Fortinet Managed Rules set from AWS Marketplace

Firewalls provide a security layer by giving you control over which traffic you allow to access your web applications. Web Appliction Firewalls such as AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) do this by allowing you to customize web security rules to define which traffic can access your applications and which traffic should be blocked. While […]

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Prioritizing security ops in the cloud: overview of an AWS and SANS Institute educational webinar

Security practitioners designing and implementing solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) have a breadth of AWS services and third-party Independent Software Vendor (ISV) security solutions to help them customize and control security. AWS services can help you enable relevant controls for key security use cases and lay the foundation for a stronger overall security posture. […]