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Five-minute data connection and transformation from AWS to anywhere using Nexla

Five-minute data connection and transformation from AWS to anywhere using Nexla

As data becomes ubiquitous and data environments grow more complex, my customers ask for scalable solutions for managing their data flows. Accessing data from different vendors and data sources can be complicated, and transformations and checkpoints require the expertise of data engineers. Custom in-house solutions present a cost in both development and management time. Businesses […]

Architecture diagram depicting Amazon API Gateway integration with Custom API and AWS Data Exchange for APIs.

Monetize your custom HTTP APIs via AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange recently released support for API-based datasets, a new feature that enables customers to find, subscribe to, and use third-party API products from providers on AWS Data Exchange. With AWS Data Exchange for APIs, customers can use AWS-native authentication and governance, explore consistent API documentation and use supported AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs) […]

Using EPB to analyze traffic captured with AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring

Enhance incident response with Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring using ExtraHop

Introduction Packet capture plays a vital role in forensic investigation, incident response, and threat hunting. By integrating with Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, ExtraHop Packet Basics (EPB) provides incident responders and forensic investigators with copies of network packets as soon as they are deployed in an AWS environment. In this post, Daniel and I will show […]

observability with moesif and AWS marketplace

How to gain API observability with Amazon API Gateway and Moesif in minutes

API observability, which consists of logging, monitoring, and tracing, is a form of direct observation of a system and requires an agent or SDK to passively log API traffic. This data collection can be done within the application or at different points, such as with an API gateway. API observability can provide your business and […]

healthcare during a pandemic

Using machine learning to support healthcare during a pandemic

This post describes winning solutions from the AWS Marketplace Machine Learning Challenge hackathon. Other winners created solutions using machine learning to stay connected and to automate tasks and increase personalization. Introduction The AWS Marketplace Machine Learning (ML) team recently hosted a ML hackathon on The DevPost Platform, AWS Marketplace Developer Challenge: ML-Powered Solutions. A hackathon […]

Fortinet create rules page

Creating web access control lists using Fortinet Managed Rules set from AWS Marketplace

Firewalls provide a security layer by giving you control over which traffic you allow to access your web applications. Web Appliction Firewalls such as AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) do this by allowing you to customize web security rules to define which traffic can access your applications and which traffic should be blocked. While […]