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Using HiPaaS to convert your data to FHIR AWS HealthLake

Using HiPaaS to convert your data to FHIR to use with AWS HealthLake

In this blog post, Sandeep, Malini, Bakha, and Aparna will show how to convert your healthcare data to FHIR format and load it into AWS HealthLake using HiPaaS FHIR data converter solution. This solution enables you to access and manage the data from various sources without the need for manual data entry or reconciliation.

Masking Patient Data with DataMasque's template for Amazon HealthLake

Masking Patient Data with DataMasque’s template for Amazon HealthLake

In this post, Brian, Snehanshu, and I’ll show you how to mask healthcare data for regulatory compliance using Amazon HealthLake and DataMasque.

Track machine learning experiments using InfinStor MLflow with Amazon SageMaker Studio

Track machine learning experiments using InfinStor MLflow with Amazon SageMaker Studio

In this post, I show how to use InfinStor MLflow with Amazon SageMaker Studio to experiment, collaborate, train, and run inferences using this ML platform. With this solution, you do not need to write special code for experiment tracking or model management. You can also share experiments and models with authorized colleagues. SageMaker Studio provides the Notebook and remote IPython kernel portion of the solution, and InfinStor MLflow provides the experiment tracking and model management.

right sizing sagemaker endpoints

Rightsizing Amazon SageMaker endpoints

As AWS consultants, Victor and I often get asked about recommendations on the right instance configuration to use for real-time inference. Finding the correct instance size to host your trained machine learning (ML) models might be a challenging task. However, choosing the right instance and auto scaling configuration can help reduce model serving costs without […]

active learning machine learning concept

Use active learning to build a usable machine learning model faster

Many businesses are now adopting machine learning (ML) as a mainstream method of augmenting processes and building efficient systems. You can use active learning to get to an acceptable and working version of your ML model much faster. This post is a summary of the joint webinar with Mphasis and AWS Marketplace, Want to build […]

Using Shutterstock's image datasets to train your computer vision models

Using Shutterstock’s image datasets to train your computer vision models

Image classification and object detection technology allows you to build scalable artificial intelligence models for business cases like visual search, product recommendations, autonomous vehicle object recognition, content moderation, and more. Today, services like Amazon Rekognition offer APIs to perform image analysis and object recognition. However, if your use case requires a more custom image classification […]

Implicit BPR improving recommendations

Improving personalized ranking in recommender systems with Implicit BPR and Amazon SageMaker

A recommender system is an automated software mechanism that uses algorithms and data to personalize product discovery for a particular user. Its essential task is to help users discover the most relevant items within an often-unmanageable set of choices. These days, recommender systems are employed in diverse domains to promote products on e-commerce sites, such […]

XOR secret computing machine learning

Using the XOR Secret Computing Platform for machine learning on private data sources

AWS users occasionally need to perform analysis on data sources containing private or sensitive inputs. Inpher’s XOR Secret Computing Platform, available in AWS Marketplace, enables data scientists to train and run machine learning models while maintaining data privacy and without trading utility. Data analysis and machine learning performed by XOR can improve model performance with […]

Experimenting with GPT-2 XL machine learning model package on Amazon SageMaker

New deep-learning model architectures push what’s possible in the field of natural language processing (NLP). NLP is the study of methods of processing and analysis of human language data. In machine learning (ML), transfer learning takes model parameters learned on one task and uses them as a basis for another task with some additional fine-tuning. […]

trifacta sagemaker machine learning pt 2

Simplifying machine learning operations with Trifacta and Amazon SageMaker (Part 2)

This is the second article of a two-part series. Part 1 covered data preparation for machine learning (ML) by using Trifacta. Part 2 covers training the model using Amazon SageMaker Autopilot and operationalizing the workflow. Background ML provides value to business by offering accurate insights to guide business decisions. Gathering insights from ML should be […]