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New Single Pane of Glass (SPG) dashboard for AWS Marketplace buyers

Simplify AWS Marketplace activity visualization with a single pane of glass

In this post, Ramya and I introduce you to the new SPG dashboard as a single pane of glass for your Marketplace transactions. You can view this dashboard without having AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions or technical proficiency on the underlying AWS services. We show how you can use the SPG dashboard for a simplified view of your AWS Marketplace subscriptions for spend management and usage tracking.

Masking Patient Data with DataMasque's template for Amazon HealthLake

Masking Patient Data with DataMasque’s template for Amazon HealthLake

In this post, Brian, Snehanshu, and I’ll show you how to mask healthcare data for regulatory compliance using Amazon HealthLake and DataMasque.

What AWS Marketplace launched during re:Invent 2022: recap

In this post, I recap what’s new with AWS Marketplace, along with additional resources to help you get started using new products and features. To view keynotes and breakout sessions on demand, visit re:Invent 2022 watch on demand.

Using CUDOS Dashboard visualizations AWS Marketplace spend visibility

Using CUDOS Dashboard visualizations for AWS Marketplace spend visibility and optimization

In this post, Yuriy and I show how to use the changes to the CUDOS Dashboard in Amazon QuickSight to analyze your AWS Marketplace costs, gain insights, and spot trends.

seller data feed delivery service for aws marketplace

Using Seller Data Feed Delivery Service, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight to create seller reports

by Varun Krishnakumar, Taylor St. Clair, Vincent Larchet, Ankit Marwaha, Nimish Amlathe, and Alexandru Stroe AWS Marketplace enables more than 1,500 sellers to sell their software and data products to over 260,000 customers worldwide. As sellers growing your businesses using AWS Marketplace, you require timely, secure, and easy access to business, sales, and financial data. […]

Data visualization in AWS using AWS Data Exchange and Amazon QuickSight

Until now, finding the right third-party data to help uncover insights for your business has remained a slow and cumbersome process. With AWS Marketplace’s new service, AWS Data Exchange, you can now search, sample, and subscribe to data products across any industry. AWS Data Exchange’s catalog gives AWS customers access to data sources. You can […]