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New Single Pane of Glass (SPG) dashboard for AWS Marketplace buyers

Simplify AWS Marketplace activity visualization with a single pane of glass

In this post, Ramya and I introduce you to the new SPG dashboard as a single pane of glass for your Marketplace transactions. You can view this dashboard without having AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions or technical proficiency on the underlying AWS services. We show how you can use the SPG dashboard for a simplified view of your AWS Marketplace subscriptions for spend management and usage tracking.

Managing your AWS Marketplace spend with purchase order features

Managing your AWS Marketplace spend with purchase order features

In this blog post, Soumya and I show you how to use the Billing and Cost Management console and AWS Marketplace purchase order features to help ensure your invoices for AWS Marketplace purchases reflect the proper PO. Once you enable the transaction purchase order feature in the AWS Marketplace console, AWS accounts in your AWS organization with permission to subscribe can add specific purchase orders for AWS Marketplace transactions during procurement.

Using CUDOS Dashboard visualizations AWS Marketplace spend visibility

Using CUDOS Dashboard visualizations for AWS Marketplace spend visibility and optimization

In this post, Yuriy and I show how to use the changes to the CUDOS Dashboard in Amazon QuickSight to analyze your AWS Marketplace costs, gain insights, and spot trends.

flexera optima control tower blog

Integrating Flexera Optima with AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower enables customers of all sizes to implement a multi-account strategy built on AWS Organizations. One of the key features of AWS Organizations is consolidated billing, which rolls up all of the charges incurred in member accounts to the AWS Organizations management account. There, costs can be viewed and analyzed in AWS Cost […]

Full-stack observability of your AWS Control Tower landing zone with New Relic

Update June 16, 2021: In May 2021, AWS released an AWS Quick Start, which provides a simple, one-click implementation of New Relic’s integration with AWS Control Tower, with the following enhancements: Automatically enables New Relic’s AWS integration from your New Relic account. You no longer need to manually enable the integration from the New Relic […]

AWS Marketplace AWS Data Exchange 14 currencies

AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange now support invoice payments in 14 currencies

AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange now support invoice payments in 14 currencies. With this launch, global customers can unlock more purchasing options and flexibility on the third-party software and data you need to achieve your business goals. This feature can help relieve your accounting department of the burden of paying and tracking foreign currency […]

You can now analyze AWS Marketplace AMI software spend using cost allocation tags

Starting November 2019, Amazon Machine Images (AMI) deployed on AWS Marketplace will inherit tags from their corresponding Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. This update provides greater spend management visibility into your AWS Marketplace software costs. Additionally, it will not impact your billing process or invoiced amount. You can use tags to categorize, allocate, […]