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Simplify AWS Marketplace activity visualization with a single pane of glass

AWS Marketplace has released a new dashboard, AWS Marketplace Single Pane of Glass (SPG), which gives buyers a unified view of their AWS Marketplace usage, cost, and subscription activity across the entire organization. SPG is a part of the AWS Cloud Intelligence dashboards framework and expands upon the existing AWS Marketplace visualizations available in the Cost and Usage dashboards Operations Solution (CUDOS) dashboard. The SPG dashboard can be used by AWS Marketplace buyers from procurement, finance, legal, and compliance, to streamline procurement and achieve operational excellence.

AWS Marketplace has control and governance features that let buyers manage their AWS Marketplace subscriptions. These features are available to buyers through AWS services and tools including AWS Marketplace, AWS Billing Console, AWS Cost Explorer, and AWS CloudTrail.

In this post, Ramya and I introduce you to the new SPG dashboard as a single pane of glass for your Marketplace transactions. You can view this dashboard without having AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions or technical proficiency on the underlying AWS services. We show how you can use the SPG dashboard for a simplified view of your AWS Marketplace subscriptions for spend management and usage tracking.


Serverless services such as Amazon S3, AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight (Enterprise Edition) are used by the SPG dashboard. Sign in to Amazon QuickSight and then select the SPG dashboard to view it. The Well-Architected Labs provide step-by-step instructions on how to establish the necessary data transformation pipeline for the SPG dashboard. You can deploy the SPG dashboard programmatically following the Well-Architected Labs steps.

There are two categories of Amazon QuickSight users, authors and readers. Authors can create and share dashboards with other users in the account. This category includes admins, who can manage users and account-level preferences. Readers can explore dashboards, receive email reports, and download data. We recommend that business stakeholders should be set up as readers for cost optimization purposes. For questions about cost, visit the QuickSight pricing documentation.

Solution overview

The SPG dashboard includes three tabs with various visualizations that give you better insight into your AWS Marketplace subscriptions. This dashboard filters out all activity not related to AWS Marketplace. It sources data from the AWS Cost and Usage Reports (AWS CUR), AWS CloudTrail logs, AWS License Manager API calls, and reports from AWS Marketplace.

To download the content, from the visualization pane, choose Menu options and select Export. To export the view, from the menu bar, choose the download icon and select Generate PDF from any tab. The three tabs are:

  1. Spend Summary
  2. Spend Deep Dive
  3. Bedrock 3P FM Spend

You can also use Amazon QuickSight Paginated Reports to create, schedule, and share reports.

Your QuickSight administrator can invite any person with a valid email address to use Amazon QuickSight as a reader. This does not require that they have an IAM identity. Your QuickSight admin can share the SPG dashboard with AWS Marketplace stakeholders across the organization, even if they do not have IAM identities.

Solution walkthrough: Simplify AWS Marketplace activity visualization with a single pane of glass

Tab 1 – Spend Summary

This tab includes AWS Marketplace visualizations created in the CUDOS dashboard based on your filtered AWS CUR data. If you have multiple AWS payer account IDs, the dashboard can give you a consolidated view across all those payer and linked AWS account IDs.

At the top we have two visualizations, AWS Marketplace Cumulative Spend by Seller and AWS Marketplace Cumulative Spend by Product, for the last 12 months across all AWS account IDs.

AWS Marketplace spend by Legal Entity is a visualization that shows you the monthly spend by seller legal entity. This is consolidated for all listed products for each AWS Marketplace seller over a period of time (default 12 months). You can interact with the visualization by selecting a legal entity or modifying the filters.

AWS Marketplace Spend and Usage by Seller Product report is a table that lists the fees and usage for each product procured through AWS Marketplace by private or self-service public offers. You can also see the breakdown by AWS account ID.

Tab 2 – Spend Deep Dive

This tab lets you dive deeper into the CUR data. At the top, we have two visualization. The Spend by Product visualization shows you the aggregate spend for the last 12 months for all products, stacked by AWS account ID. The Spend by AWS Account ID visualization shows you the aggregate spend for the last 12 months for all AWS account IDs, stacked by subscribed products.

The Spend Mapping by Seller visualization shows you the aggregate spend by product mapped to AWS account IDs.

The Spend Details by Invoice report is a table that lists the fees and usage details, by product and by account ID, for each AWS Marketplace invoice. You can use this tab to analyze invoicing-related questions.

AWS Marketplace Subscription Start and End Dates report is a table which shows the subscription start and end dates for all active contracts for which you are incurring costs or usage.

Tab 3 – Bedrock 3P FM Spend

If you have generative AI activity on Amazon Bedrock, you can track spend and usage on third-party (3P) foundation model (FM) providers on this tab. Spend and usage activity for the Amazon Bedrock service and first-party (1P) FMs will not be tracked here.

The 3P FM Spend by Legal Entity visualization shows you the monthly spend for each FM provider across all subscribed FMs and all AWS account IDs.

Spend and Usage by FM Product report is a table that lists the fees and usage for each FM product procured. You can also see the breakdown by AWS account ID.


In this post, Ramya and I showed how to use the new SPG dashboard to visualize your AWS Marketplace spend, usage, and subscription activity for governance and control purposes. For more information or demonstrations on using the SPG dashboard, contact your AWS account team for a meeting with your AWS Marketplace customer advisor.

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Kaushik Raha

Kaushik Raha

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Ramya Vijayaraghavan

Ramya Vijayaraghavan is an AWS Marketplace specialist Solution Architect based in Dallas. Ramya has over 10 years of industry experience in the field of databases and data analytics. Ramya helps customers with building secure cloud solutions using third-party products from AWS Marketplace.