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What AWS Marketplace launched during re:Invent 2022: recap

In this post, I recap what’s new with AWS Marketplace, along with additional resources to help you get started using new products and features. To view keynotes and breakout sessions on demand, visit re:Invent 2022 watch on demand.

AWS Marketplace for containers now supports direct deployment to EKS clusters

The extension of the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) add-ons deployment experience now includes software from AWS Marketplace for Containers. With Amazon EKS add-ons, you can consistently ensure that your EKS clusters are secure and stable. They also reduce the amount of work that you must do to install, configure, and update Kubernetes software.

This launch simplifies finding third-party Kubernetes operational software directly from the Amazon EKS console and deploy it to your EKS clusters. And you can do that using the same commands you already use to deploy EKS add-ons. As of publishing date, you can find commercial software from popular independent software vendors (ISVs), such as Kubecost, Teleport, Tetrate, Upbound, Factor House, and Dynatrace.

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AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights is now generally available

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights helps simplify third-party software risk assessments by compiling security and compliance information in a unified dashboard. It streamlines the procurement process by granting buyers access to evidence from sellers related to data privacy and residency, application security, and access control. Buyers can better perform continual compliance monitoring with automated evidence refreshing from AWS security tools. Vendor Insights also serves sellers who want to showcase their strong security posture. It also reduces the operational burden from responding to buyer requests for risk assessment information. Buyers can review the dashboards within AWS Marketplace or download data and seller certificates to ingest into their own vendor management tools. AWS Marketplace customers can access Vendor Insights at no cost.

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AWS Data Exchange for AWS Lake Formation (Preview)

Subscribers can now access the AWS Lake Formation objects shared directly from the provider’s data lake. Data subscribers no longer have to build extract-transform-load (ETL) pipelines to move the data. This saves valuable engineering effort, especially during early data testing phases. As soon as the subscription is approved, data lake administrators can provide fine-grained access to data consumers on these tables. Business analysts or data scientists can start using analytics services such as Amazon Athena, AWS Glue DataBrew, Amazon QuickSight, or Amazon SageMaker to query, analyze, and visualize data or run machine learning algorithms.

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AWS Data Exchange for Amazon S3 (Preview)

With AWS Data Exchange for Amazon S3 (Preview), data subscribers can access third-party data files directly from data providers’ Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets. Subscribers can readily use these files for their data analysis with AWS services. They can use such as Amazon Athena, Amazon SageMaker Feature Store, and Amazon EMR, without needing to create or manage data copies.

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In case you missed it: QuickSight dashboards for AWS Marketplace sellers (Preview)

This preview of two Amazon QuickSight dashboards for AWS Marketplace sellers became available in preview before re:Invent 2022. Sellers can now access the billed revenue dashboard and collections and disbursements dashboard from the Insights tab of AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP). Previously, you could access your business data via downloadable CSV reports in AMMP. Now, you can view, analyze, and track key trends and metrics in a visualized manner on QuickSight dashboards in AMMP.

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In this post, I listed all the AWS Marketplace launches you might have missed just before and during AWS re:Invent 2022. To view keynotes and breakout sessions on demand, visit re:Invent 2022 Watch on demand.

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