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Enable Intelligent Insights for Telecom Networks Using AWS BI Capabilities

Enable Analytics and Insights for Telecom Networks

Telecom networks generate voluminous fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) data. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are looking at ways to use this data efficiently to improve the network health, as well as reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD), and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR). They want to increase the service uptime, reduce spectrum interference, […]

Low latency cloud-native exchanges feature card

Low latency cloud-native exchanges

Large capital market infrastructure providers (specifically exchanges) around the world use the cloud to accelerate their innovation and modernization journey. Trading workloads present unique challenges, including low latency responses, low jitter network performance, and ensuring fairness. With different services and features, Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable exchanges to develop use cases built with cloud-native services […]

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics with AWS IoT FleetWise and Amazon Connect

Remote vehicle diagnostics is the ability to remotely detect and diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Connected mobility and improvements in On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) have made it possible to remotely diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Prior to connected vehicles the repair process was reactive. Service centers had little insight into vehicle malfunctions until they were brought in and inspected. Service […]

Ecosystems can help generate new revenue streams

Ecosystems can help generate new revenue streams for banks

The COVID pandemic accelerated the customer demand seeking hyper-connected digital experiences, which could cut even across other industries. We highlighted this trend in our “Banking on the Cloud” ebook. Banks are accelerating the development of their strategies and solutions to deliver banking as a service (BaaS) and ecosystem banking capabilities to their customers and partners. […]

How digital twins can optimize Travel and Hospitality operations

How digital twins can optimize Travel and Hospitality operations

One of the most frequent requests we hear from travel and hospitality (T&H) businesses and technology leaders is, “How can we use technology to optimize operations?” Optimizing operations is complex and if not done properly can lead to penalties, loss of yield, and the erosion of brand loyalty. In this blog, we’ll explore how travel […]

Tealium Delivers Cross-channel Customer Experiences with Amazon Personalize

Personalization is a key element in elevating the customer experience. It involves tailoring products, services, and interactions to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual customer. When done effectively, personalization impacts positively business performance, making customers feel understood and valued. It also helps businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, increasing loyalty and advocacy. Personalized […]

Feature Card_Analyze Data Transfer

Analyze Data Transfer and adopt cost optimized designs to realize cost savings

Programmatic advertising applications leverage large volumes of data (petabyte scale) to make decisions on delivering personalized experiences to users. Organizations need to have a granular visibility into their data transfer cost to make better decisions on the bidding process and leverage cost optimized design patterns. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers different tools and techniques to […]


AWS Entity Resolution Expands Data Matching Capabilities with LiveRamp, TransUnion, and Unified ID 2.0 Integrations

Launched in July 2023, AWS Entity Resolution has been helping organizations like Best Western Hotels, Merkle, ActionIQ, and Thompson Reuters to more easily match and link related records stored across multiple applications, channels and data stores using advanced matching techniques including rule-based and machine learning (ML)-powered matching. The service capabilities have enabled these companies to […]

Build an end-to-end framework to store, integrate, and analyze multimodal data using AWS purpose-built Health and Machine Learning services.

Multimodal Data Analysis with AWS Health and Machine Learning Services

In this blog, we show how you can leverage AWS purpose-built health care and life sciences (HCLS), machine learning (ML), and analytics services to simplify storage and analysis across genomic, health records, and medical imaging data for precision health use cases. The included reference architecture is built on AWS HealthOmics, AWS HealthImaging, and AWS HealthLake services which enable you […]

How does Cloud enable the transformation of Bank finance functions?

Bank CFOs are transforming their finance functions from both an operations and technology perspective, innovating to simplify their organisational model, increase efficiency and deepen the insight they provide to stakeholders. Cloud technology is enabling these changes by providing a new set of tools to solve some of the enduring business challenges that they face. In […]