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How-to: Stream your live video to social media sites using AWS Elemental Link

Many types of customers need a configuration-free, cost-efficient way to deliver a live stream to social media platforms. For example, a religious organization that wants to stream their weekly video services to YouTube. Or a gaming event may need to make their live event available to their audience on Twitch. Even some local broadcast news channel may want to stream live video to their viewers using Facebook.

In this blog post, we show you how to use the AWS Elemental Link device to stream your live video on social media sites including Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. AWS Elemental Link is a compact, easy- to-set-up device that delivers HD video from your SDI or HDMI source directly to AWS Elemental MediaLive. With this guide, you will be able to stream your live channel or event using Link from a camera or other source to your favorite social media sites for distribution to viewers.


To use this example workflow, you need:

  • An AWS Elemental Link device, which can be ordered from the AWS Management Console
  • An SDI or HDMI video source, up to 1080p60, with appropriate cables
  • A wired (Ethernet) connection to the internet
  • Access to the AWS account associated with the Link device (the one used to order it)
  • Credentials or stream keys for delivery to your social media platform of choice including Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube

Download the guide.

The guide shows you how to:

  1. Connect your AWS Elemental Link device to AWS
  2. Create an input in AWS Elemental MediaLive
  3. Create a channel in MediaLive with outputs to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch
  4. Start streaming your video