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Improve your efficiency and find actionable insights at each point of the pharmaceutical development pipeline

The pharma industry is moving from the era of blockbuster drugs into the age of precision medicine. Concurrently, new therapies are becoming more expensive to bring to market and the average expected revenue per drug product is dropping. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to find innovative ways to more quickly and efficiently discover, develop, trial, manufacture, and commercialize therapeutics¬- while continuing to drive top line revenue and improving patient experiences.

Improve your efficiency and find actionable insights at each point of the Pharmaceutical development pipeline with the AWS Cloud. Your organizations can access cost-effective storage and compute capabilities, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), patient personalization mechanisms, and access managed data sharing, all while meeting stringent compliance regulations.

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Accelerate Discovery and Development

De-risk and advance molecules into development faster using on-demand, cost-effective, high-performance computing power and AI/ML capabilities. Facilitate secure research collaborations between your global teams and simplify data movement from lab equipment to integrate research environments.

Enhance intelligence in Clinical Trials

Optimize your studies and design the most productive trial protocols, study locations, and patient cohorts to enroll with cloud-based advanced analytics and AI/ML. Facilitate fast and secure IoT data collection from patient health wearables, mobile devices, and other connected technologies that support clinical trials.

Modernize Pharma Manufacturing

Access, analyze, and intelligently take action using data from manufacturing equipment and data historians with secure IoT, cloud-based data lakes, and AI/ML. Improve agility and cost-savings by running SAP environments in the cloud, and reduce inefficiencies of running a regulatory validated environment by moving to a continuous compliance model.

Expand Commercialization Models

Securely pool and organize large volumes of real-world data that are distributed across disparate sources, and use advanced analytics for outcome monitoring and reporting. Improve patient engagement with personalization mechanisms, and with secure, low-latency digital therapeutics that leverage the global footprint of AWS.

Support Compliance and Enhance Security

Access an ever growing list of HIPAA-eligible services, certifications for compliance with ISO/IEC, and over 500 features and services focused on security and compliance. Leverage AWS documentation tools, guidance, compliance experts, and AWS APN partners to help you comply with GxP, HIPAA, HITRUST, and/or GDPR standards.

Industry-Leading Customers

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Discovery and Pre-Clinical Research

High performance computing

On-demand, cost-effective HPC environments to power intensive research experiments.

AI/ML in research

Optimize workflows and improve research productivity by incorporating AI/ML into your research lab.

Connecting research equipment

Securely store, protect, and archive important data from research equipment.

Genomics research

Support genomic workflow automation and cost-effectively harmonize multi-omic datasets to find insights from ‘big data’.

Enabling collaboration

Protect your IP while facilitating efficient and secure global collaborations.

Clinical Trials

AI/ML for optimization

Expedite and optimize clinical trial program development and patient recruitment utilizing AI/ML.

Incorporating mobile technology

Securely incorporate mobile technologies from clinical trials.

Trial management

Improve collaboration, traceability and auditability with cloud-based clinical trial data management.

Pharma Manufacturing

SAP in the cloud

Gain flexibility, cost-savings, and adopt new modules more quickly with SAP on AWS.

Data-driven insights

More quickly improve manufacturing efficiencies with data from the shop floor.

AI/ML for optimization

Identify process problems, product defects, or equipment maintenance issues with AI/ML.

Continuous compliance

Move to a near real-time continuous compliance model for regulated workloads.


Real-world evidence platforms

Effectively collect, analyze, and securely share real-world data.

Digital therapeutics

Develop and securely scale digital therapeutics.

Patient personalization

Enhance patient engagement with personalized interactions.

Security and Compliance

GxP and Data Privacy

Support your GxP and health data privacy compliance.

HITRUST CSF and other industry standards

Design and implement environments to meet HITRUST CSF and other certification requirements.

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