With Amazon QLDB, you pay only for what you use with no minimum fees or mandatory service usage. You are billed separately for write IO requests, read IO requests, journal storage, indexed storage, and data transfer.

Database storage and IOs

Storage consumed by your Amazon QLDB ledger is billed per GB-month, and IOs consumed are billed per million requests. You pay only for the storage and IOs your Amazon QLDB ledger consumes. Storage includes metadata, indexes, history, and the data you write. You do not need to provision either storage or IOs in advance.

Region: US East (N. Virginia)

Write I/Os $0.70 per 1 million requests
Read I/Os $0.136 per 1 million requests
Journal Storage Rate $0.03 per GB-month
Indexed Storage Rate $0.25 per GB-month

Data transfer

Data transfer “in” and “out” refer to transfer into and out of Amazon QLDB. There is no additional charge for data transferred between QLDB and other AWS services within the same AWS Region (in other words, $0.00 per GB). Data transferred across AWS Regions (such as between QLDB in the US East [N. Virginia] Region and Amazon EC2 in the EU [Ireland] Region) is charged on both sides of the transfer. As part of the AWS Free Tier, AWS customers receive free 15 GB of data transfer out each month, aggregated across all AWS services for one year except in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region.

Data Transferred   Price
Data Transfer IN  
All data transfer in $0.00 per GB
Data Transfer Out
Up to 1 GB / month $0.00 per GB
Next 9.999 TB / month $0.09 per GB
Next 40 TB / month $0.085 per GB
Next 100 TB / month $0.07 per GB
Greater than 150 TB / month $0.05 per GB

Pricing example #1

A financial services company has an application for their customers that provides information on bank branches, including hours of operation, branch-specific services (e.g., mortgage broker), and bulletins (e.g., holidays, special offers) for their entire network of offices. This application makes 0.15 write IO requests per second and 180 read IO requests per second. This application has 30 GB of data in its journal and 30 GB of indexed storage.

Dimension     Usage


  Monthly Total   
Write I/O Requests 0.39 million
$0.70/million $0.28
Read I/O Requests 473.4 million $0.136/million $64.38
Journal Storage 30 GB $0.03/GB-month $0.90
Indexed Storage 30 GB $0.25/GB-month $7.50
Data Transfer Out
0.5 GB $0.00 (<1 GB)

Pricing example #2

A supply chain logistics company develops a platform that provides their customers the full data lineage of items moving through the supply chain. This application makes 30 write IO requests per second and 150 read IO requests per second. The journal stores 2 TB of data and indexed storage keeps 600 GB of data between its current tables and history tables. 

Dimension     Usage


  Monthly Total   
Write I/O Requests 78.89 million
$0.70/million $55.23
Read I/O Requests 394.47 million $0.136/million $53.65
Journal Storage 2 TB $0.03/GB-month $60.00
Indexed Storage 600 GB $0.25/GB-month $150.00
Data Transfer Out
15 GB $0.09/GB