Date Announcement  
Jul 10 Introducing Amazon Zocalo Blog
Jul 9 New Locations in Australia for Amazon CloudFront, Route 53, and Direct Connect Blog
Jul 7 Amazon WorkSpaces: New Active Directory integration features  
Jun 26 Amazon CloudSearch adds enhanced SDK and CLI support  
Jun 26 Amazon CloudFront Adds Device Detection, Geo Targeting, Host Header Forwarding, CORS Support, and more! Blog
Jun 25 Amazon AppStream Update - New Features and New Docs Blog
Jun 23 Amazon SES Adds Support For Delivery Notifications Blog
Jun 20 Amazon Elastic Transcoder Announces Caption Support  
Jun 12 SNS now has Windows support, and China Android support with Baidu Blog
May 29 Amazon CloudSearch adds Hebrew language support and user controlled domain partitioning  
May 22 Amazon Elastic Transcoder Announces Performance Enhancements Blog
May 15 Amazon WorkSpaces Available in Sydney!  
May 13
Amazon AppStream - adding support for Log Collection and YUV444
May 8 AWS Free Usage Tier Now Includes Amazon CloudFront
May 6 Amazon SQS Announces Attributes for Messages Blog
May 5 Amazon WorkSpaces Available in Europe! Blog
Apr 29
New CloudWatch Metrics for Amazon Simple Workflow
Apr 2
Amazon CloudFront Adds EDNS-Client-Subnet Support Blog
Mar 31
Amazon SWF announces new samples and recipes for Ruby
Mar 26
Amazon WorkSpaces Available for All Customers
Mar 24
Amazon CloudSearch introduces powerful new search and admin features
Mar 13 Announcing Amazon CloudFront Usage Charts for Web Distributions - Track Trends in Requests & Data Transfer  
Mar 12 Amazon AppStream Available for All Customers Blog
Mar 5 Amazon CloudFront Adds SNI Custom SSL and HTTP to HTTPS Redirect Features Blog
Feb 20
Amazon CloudFront Expands Media Streaming Capabilities by Offering Smooth Streaming Support
Jan 29 Two New Locations for Amazon Simple Email Service
Jan 29 SQS - New Dead Letter Queue Blog
Jan 15 Announcing Amazon SES Endpoint in Europe






Date Announcement  
Jul 29 Amazon Climate Research Grants Program Blog
Mar 26
AWS Receives Department of Defense-Wide Provisional Authorization Blog
Mar 25
City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge Blog





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