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Database Modernization Workshops Focus on Deep Dive Understanding of AWS Database Services

By Liz Roland, Sr. APN Navigate Product Manager

Database-1The APN Navigate specialization track for Database Services enables AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners to build a practice around AWS Database Services such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the broadest selection of purpose-built databases for all your application needs. Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on AWS databases, and this includes use cases for internet scale, real-time, open source, and enterprise applications.

APN Navigate is how many organizations—new and longtime APN Partners alike—are moving through their APN Journey and leveraging exclusive tools and resources to grow their business and earn trust with customers.

Upon completing the APN Navigate for Database Services specialization track, APN Partners are eligible for a free Data Modernization Workshop.

Step 1: Sign Up

To get started, simply visit the APN Navigate website and select one of the enrollment trainings to get started. You must have an APN Partner Central account to access the Navigate’s educational material.

Once you complete the required enrollment trainings, your Alliance Lead will receive a welcome email with next steps. Your organization will also receive access to your dedicated APN Navigate for Database Services toolbox.

This includes the APN Navigate for Database Services Partner Goals checklist—your step-by-step guide to achieving your business goals on AWS.

Step 2: Select Your Path

Once your organization has access to the APN Navigate for Database Services toolbox and checklist, you can select the learning path most appropriate for your work area.

APN Navigate for Database Services offers four pathways:

  • Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS: The Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS path includes a two-part technical course, focused on AWS Database Services, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Aurora, and how to address database backups, monitoring, security, and compliance. Additionally, you will learn about running Oracle databases on AWS and database migrations using AWS Database Migration Service (DMS).
  • Amazon DocumentDB: The Amazon DocumentDB path includes a technical course focused on the architecture and features of Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility). The course provides a tailored path for APN Partners to create specialized teams that can build on, and migrate to, Amazon DocumentDB.
  • Amazon DynamoDB: The Amazon DynamoDB path includes a technical course introducing the architecture and features of Amazon DynamoDB. This course also provides a tailored path for APN Partners to learn about core components of DynamoDB, including the table, global secondary index, and local secondary index. You’ll review important features such as transactions, automatic scaling, and global tables.
  • Amazon Redshift: The Amazon Redshift path includes a technical course focused on the architecture, features, and core concepts of Amazon Redshift. You will also learn about data loading and unloading options, integration with data lake, data modelling, workload management, operations, monitoring, and security.

Step 3: Request an Asset Review

When your organization has completed all of the trainings and checklists relevant to your business goals, please share your achievements with your APN representative.

Next, be sure to request an asset review to strategize on the next steps in your APN journey. This includes an exclusive workshop for your organization with the Data Modernization Team.

Your APN contact can review and help validate your database services microsite or public case study. Your validated assets will be eligible to share on APN social media channels.

Step 4: Attend a Database Modernization Workshop

Database Modernization workshops are provided by AWS Database Specialists and focus on deep-dive understanding of AWS Database Services.

Each workshop is aligned to a typical customer migration journey and covers multiple modules aligned to that migration process.

For example, on-premises customers migrating an Oracle workload to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL will benefit from the Database Modernization with Amazon RDS an Amazon Aurora workshop, which covers multiple modules and tools like DMS and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT).

Details on Our Database Modernization Workshops

The sections below provide additional detail on individual workshops and the modules covered in each. These workshops focus both on deeper level understanding of AWS Database Services, and how to use these services in conjunction with database migration services to execute a successful engagement.

The primary audience for these workshops are APN Partner consultants like database administrators, AWS architects, database engineers, data architects, and database migration practice owners.

Move to Managed for RDS Oracle / SQL Server Engines

This workshop focuses on commercial relational database engines like Oracle and SQLServer, and how to migrate on-premises and self-managed workloads to managed RDS database offerings.

Modules covered: (a) RDS Oracle deep dive; (b) RDS SQL Server deep dive; (c) Migration techniques; and (d) database freedom tooling like DMS and SCT.

DB Modernization with Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora

This workshop focuses on Amazon Aurora primarily and tooling to migrate workloads to Aurora.

Modules covered: (a) Amazon RDS recap; (b) deep dive into Aurora architecture and advanced features; (c) Aurora PostgreSQL Deep dive; and (d) database migration using DMS or SCT. Optional modules include: (e) Aurora MySQL best practices; (f) Aurora cost monitoring and optimization; (g) Aurora PostgreSQL best practices; and (h) POC approach.

DB Modernization with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon DocumentDB

This workshop focuses on considerations for building modern internet-scale applications using NoSQL Databases like Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon DocumentDB with respect to database modernization and move to managed patterns.

Modules covered: (a) Internet-scale apps and purpose-built (NoSQL) databases; (b) Amazon DynamoDB deep dive; (c) Amazon DocumentDB deep dive; and (d) migration techniques and database freedom tools.

This can be delivered in 4-6 hours and optionally includes hands-on labs. Ideal attendees are technical consultants in database administrator, database architect, and database engineer roles.

Database Modernization with AWS Database Services

This workshop focuses on purpose-built database strategy and the portfolio of managed database services from AWS.

Modules covered: (a) purpose-built databases; (b) Amazon RDS deep dive; (c) Aurora platform deep dive; (d) RDS Oracle / SQL Server overview; (e) Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon DocumentDB overview; and (f) database migration using DMS and SCT.

This workshop is delivered over one day (8 hours). Ideal attendees are database migration architects, database engineers, database administrators, and solution architects.

Area of Depth Training on Amazon Redshift

This workshop focuses on Amazon Redshift features and best practices. After attending this one-day workshop, participants will be able to apply Redshift more effectively in their projects.

Modules covered: a) deep dive on Amazon Redshift architecture and Redshift Spectrum; b) Redshift table design and best practices; c) Redshift workload management (WLM) and best practices; d) data loading/unloading and best practices; d) Redshift query performance tuning; e) Redshift operations – security, backup, recover, resize, and monitoring; f) Redshift use cases and reference architecture; and g) hands-on lab.

Ideal attendees are data warehouse architects, big data and analytics consultants, data engineers, and database administrators.

Modernize and Migrate Legacy Data Warehouse with Amazon Redshift

This workshop focuses on accelerating the modernization and migration of your on-premises data warehouses (such as Netezza, Teradata, and Oracle) to Amazon Redshift. You’ll learn about the AWS comprehensive ecosystem to support migrations such as DMS, SCT, and other toolkits and migration best practices to help you perform homogeneous and heterogeneous data warehouse migrations.

It supplements with a hands-on lab demonstrating a data warehouse migration to Amazon Redshift. Ideal attendees are data warehouse architects, big data and analytics consultants, data engineers, and database administrators.

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