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AWS Week in Review – September 12, 2016

Wow! Twenty five (25) external and internal contributors worked together to create this edition of the AWS Week in Review. If you would like to join the party (with the possibility of a free lunch at re:Invent), please visit the AWS Week in Review on GitHub.


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  • Autozane wrote about an automated way of configuring and enabing AWS CloudWatch Logs on Ubuntu using PackerIO and Terraform.

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  • City of Chicago used AWS for the flexibility and agility to launch OpenGrid, Chicago’s highest profile technology release to date. OpenGrid is a real-time, open source situational awareness program intended to improve the quality of life for citizens and improve efficiency of city operations.
  • Dable develops Omni-channel Personalization Platforms that recommend products/contents customers might be interested in based on big data. The company uses AWS Lambda, Amazon Lambda, and Amazon Redshift to analyze data in real time so it can provide customers with recommended services in a short period of time and in the most cost-effective way.
  • Gett scales to keep up with 300 percent annual growth, saves $800,000 yearly, and gains new business insights using AWS. The company provides an online taxi reservation service used by millions of people in Europe, Israel, and the US. Gett runs its website and mobile web application on AWS, relying on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to optimize costs.
  • Kyowa Hakko Kirin began using AWS with its production run for SAP ERP, an enterprise resource-planning software. Kyowa Hakko Kirin is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells prescription drugs. As the company continues migrating nearly all its systems and data off of physical servers and into the cloud, it is making further progress and reducing costs through strategies such as using reserved instances and stopping unnecessary instances on weekends. The company is developing its cloud data center as a result.
  • National Bank of Canada’s Global Equity Derivatives Group (GED) uses AWS to process and analyze hundreds of terabytes of financial data, conduct data manipulations in one minute instead of days, and scale and optimize its operations. GED provides stock-trading solutions and services to a range of organizations throughout the world. The organization runs its data analysis using the TickVault platform on the AWS Cloud.

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