Posted On: Sep 19, 2016

Amazon RDS SQL Server now supports Local Time Zones. You can now set the time zone for your Amazon RDS for SQL Server instances to the local time zone for your application.  

This feature will enable our customers to match their DB instance time zone to their chosen time zone. To change the time zone while creating a new RDS for SQL Server instance, use the ‘Select your Time Zone’ dropdown in the AWS Management Console. The time zone cannot be modified once the instance has been created. Please note that this option changes the time zone at the OS level and impacts all date columns and values. We recommend that you analyze your data to determine what impact a time zone change will have. Before creating a production database instance with a local time zone, we recommend you test the change in a test database instance first.

For more information about Local Time Zone in Amazon RDS for SQL Server, see our documentation: Local Time Zone for Microsoft SQL Server DB Instances.