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New – Additional Filtering Options for AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Cost Explorer is a powerful tool that helps you to visualize, understand, and manage your AWS spending (read The New Cost Explorer for AWS to learn more). You can view your spend by service or by linked account, with your choice of daily or monthly granularity. You can also create custom filters based on the accounts, time period, services, or tags that are of particular interest to you.

In order to give you even more visibility into your spending, we are introducing some additional filtering options today. You can now filter at a more fine-grained level, zooming in to see costs at the most fundamental, as-metered units. You can also zoom out, categorizing your usage at a high level that is nicely aligned with the primary components of AWS usage and billing.

Zooming In
As you may have noticed, AWS tracks your usage at a very detailed level. Each gigabyte-hour of S3 storage, each gigabyte-month of EBS usage, each hour of EC2 usage, each gigabyte of data transfer in or out, and so forth. You can now explore these costs in depth using the Usage Type filtering option. After you enter the Cost Explorer and choose Usage Type from the Filtering menu, you can now filter on the fundamental, as-billed units. For example, I can take a look at my day-by-day usage of m4.xlarge instances:

Zooming Out
Sometimes you need more detail, and sometimes you need a summary. Maybe you want to know how much you spent on RDS, or on S3 API requests, or on EBS magnetic storage. You can do this by filtering on a Usage Type Group.  Here is my overall EC2 usage, day-by-day

Here are some of the other usage type groups that you can use for filtering (I had to do some browser  tricks to make the menu this tall):

Available Now
These new features are available now and you can start using them today in all AWS Regions.




Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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