Posted On: Sep 15, 2016

You can now monitor and automatically react to changes in your AWS CodeDeploy deployments using Amazon CloudWatch alarms. Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS. Using CloudWatch with CodeDeploy, you can monitor metrics for Amazon EC2 instances or Auto Scaling groups being managed by CodeDeploy and then invoke an action if the metric you are tracking crosses a certain threshold for a defined period of time. You can monitor metrics such as instance CPU utilization. If the alarm is activated, CloudWatch initiates actions such as sending a notification to Amazon Simple Notification Service, stopping a CodeDeploy deployment, or changing the state of an instance (e.g. reboot, terminate, recover).

CodeDeploy now also lets you automatically roll back a deployment when a deployment fails or when a CloudWatch alarm is activated. CodeDeploy will redeploy the last known working version of the application when it rolls back. Previously, you needed to manually initiate a deployment if you wanted to roll back a deployment. You can configure automatic rollback settings when creating a new deployment or by updating an existing deployment. Learn more about this feature in our documentation.

To monitor your deployments with CloudWatch alarms, visit the here to learn more. Learn more about other ways to monitor your CodeDeploy deployments here.

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