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The Weather Company enhances MLOps with Amazon SageMaker, AWS CloudFormation, and Amazon CloudWatch

In this post, we share the story of how The Weather Company (TWCo) enhanced its MLOps platform using services such as Amazon SageMaker, AWS CloudFormation, and Amazon CloudWatch. TWCo data scientists and ML engineers took advantage of automation, detailed experiment tracking, integrated training, and deployment pipelines to help scale MLOps effectively. TWCo reduced infrastructure management time by 90% while also reducing model deployment time by 20%.

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Accenture creates a custom memory-persistent conversational user experience using Amazon Q Business

Traditionally, finding relevant information from documents has been a time-consuming and often frustrating process. Manually sifting through pages upon pages of text, searching for specific details, and synthesizing the information into coherent summaries can be a daunting task. This inefficiency not only hinders productivity but also increases the risk of overlooking critical insights buried within […]

Enhance code review and approval efficiency with generative AI using Amazon Bedrock

In the world of software development, code review and approval are important processes for ensuring the quality, security, and functionality of the software being developed. However, managers tasked with overseeing these critical processes often face numerous challenges, such as the following: Lack of technical expertise – Managers may not have an in-depth technical understanding of […]

Build custom code libraries for your Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler Flows using AWS Code Commit

As organizations grow in size and scale, the complexities of running workloads increase, and the need to develop and operationalize processes and workflows becomes critical. Therefore, organizations have adopted technology best practices, including microservice architecture, MLOps, DevOps, and more, to improve delivery time, reduce defects, and increase employee productivity. This post introduces a best practice […]

Improve your data science workflow with a multi-branch training MLOps pipeline using AWS

In this post, you will learn how to create a multi-branch training MLOps continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeCommit, in addition to Jenkins and GitHub. I discuss the concept of experiment branches, where data scientists can work in parallel and eventually merge their experiment back into the main […]