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Managing multi-topic conversation flows with Amazon Lex Session API checkpoints

In daily conversations, you often jump back and forth between multiple topics. For example, when discussing a home improvement project related to new windows and curtains, you might have questions like, “How about closing out on curtain styles and then revisiting colors?” When AWS launched Amazon Lex Session API, you learned how to address such […]

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Managing conversation flow with a fallback intent on Amazon Lex

Ever been stumped by a question? Imagine you’re in a business review going over weekly numbers and someone asks, “What about expenses?” Your response might be, “I don’t know. I wasn’t prepared to have that discussion right now.” Bots aren’t fortunate enough to have the same comprehension capabilities, so how should they respond when they […]

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Authenticate users with one-time passwords in Amazon Lex chatbots

Today, many companies use one-time passwords (OTP) to authenticate users. An application asks you for a password to proceed. This password is sent to you via text message to a registered phone number. You enter the password to authenticate. It is an easy and secure approach to verifying user identity. In this blog post, we’ll […]

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Managing Amazon Lex session state using APIs on the client

Anyone who has tried building a bot to support interactions knows that managing the conversation flow can be tricky. Real users (people who obviously haven’t rehearsed your script) can digress in the middle of a conversation. They could ask a question related to the current topic or take the conversation in an entirely new direction. […]

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Use Amazon Lex as a conversational interface with Twilio Media Streams

Businesses use the Twilio platform to build new ways to communicate with their customers: whether it’s fully automating a restaurant’s food orders with a conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or building a next generation advanced contact center. With the launch of Media Streams, Twilio is opening up their Voice platform by providing businesses access to […]

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No code chatbots: TIBCO uses Amazon Lex to put chat interfaces into the hands of business users

Users today don’t expect to be tied to a desktop computer. They want to interact with systems on the go, in a variety of ways that are convenient to them. This means that people often turn to mobile devices and interact with applications and systems while multi-tasking. Users might not even touch their mobile device while operating the apps they use, particularly when they are in a vehicle, or when they are actively engaged in another activity. In home environments, this “hands-free” capability is facilitated by voice activation systems.

Business users now aspire to the same experience in a business environment. They want to operate the applications and systems that they use in their daily work tasks using voice control, just like they do at home. Imagine how much simpler daily work tasks would be. However, adding voice controls to systems has not been easy. Voice integration can be a very involved project, even for skilled developers. Moreover, today’s business users want to solve their own tactical and strategic business problems by building “low code/no code” apps. Plus, business users want these apps to follow the same end-user requirements we mentioned earlier: They need to be able to be used on the go anywhere, anytime, hands-free.

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Deploy a Web UI for Your Chatbot 

Update December 31, 2018 – New features: integrated user login, markdown support, response card buttons, and more – see GitHub repo for details. You’ve built a very cool chatbot using Amazon Lex. You’ve tested it using the Amazon Lex console. Now you’re ready to deploy it on your website. Although you could build your own […]

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Build an Amazon Lex Chatbot with Microsoft Excel

This is a guest post by AWS Community Hero Cyrus Wong. Our institution (IVE) here in Hong Kong has begun experimenting with Amazon Lex in teaching, research, and healthcare. We have many non-technical employees, such as English teachers in IVE and therapists from IVE Childcare, Elderly and Community Services Discipline, who don’t have the technical […]

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How Astro Built Astrobot Voice, a Chatbot for Email

This is a guest post by Roland Schemers, CTO of Astro Technology, Inc. Astro, in their own words, “creates modern email apps for Mac, iOS and Android, powered by artificial intelligence, built for people and teams. With Astrobot Voice, an in-app email voice assistant, you can now read, manage, and reply to emails without leaving Astro’s […]

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