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Helping Agencies Meet CJIS Security Policies

AWS services are used throughout the United States by state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies. Customers can create customized cloud-based environments for CJI workloads with training and helpful resources provided by AWS to meet CJIS requirements. Backed by the secure and tested AWS network, customers can feel comfortable putting sensitive workloads in AWS.

Many customers that manage sensitive data – including law enforcement agencies, child welfare agencies, motor vehicle departments, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations – are comfortable deploying workloads on AWS GovCloud (US) as the region is designed to meet unique compliance needs associated with sensitive workloads. Beyond the assurance programs available to all commercial regions, AWS GovCloud (US) Region also allows customers at the state, local, and federal level to adhere to ITAR, FedRAMP/FISMA High, and DoD SRG impact levels 4 and 5.

AWS Services to Improve Security and Protection of CJI Data

Law enforcement customers (and partners who manage criminal justice information) are taking advantage of AWS services to dramatically improve the security and protection of CJI data, using the advanced security services and features of AWS, such as:

  • Activity logging (AWS CloudTrail).
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest.
  • Comprehensive key management and protection (AWS Key Management Service and CloudHSM).
  • Integrated permission management (IAM federated identity management, multi-factor authentication).
  • Amazon GuardDuty for intelligent threat detection and Amazon Macie for data loss prevention.
  • Amazon Inspector for operating system, application level security, and compliance assessment

Help at the Agency-Level from AWS and Partners

Law enforcement agencies and companies that serve the public safety community are using AWS to meet security and compliance requirements through advanced and innovative cloud technology. Our partners innovate on behalf of our public safety customers by providing body-worn camera solutions, digital evidence management systems, computer aided dispatch systems, video redaction capabilities, records management systems, data analytics and reporting, and more.

AWS works closely with CJIS Systems Agencies and Contracting Government Agencies throughout the United States. The AWS CJIS agreement maps contractor requirements to the CJIS Security Policy, which makes requirements mapping easy for customers.

Additionally, AWS provides training to state CJIS systems agencies (or their functional equivalents) to get them up to speed in this new environment. To help inform new CJIS customers, AWS offers a Quick Start software package. A Quick Start is automated and helps agencies create a cloud-based work environment using customizable templates and scripts that help users build and configure CJI workloads in about 30 minutes.

An example of a partner running sensitive workloads is PDEvidence.

PDEvidence Helps Solve Crimes Faster Using Automated AWS-Based System

PDEvidence provides web-based barcode evidence, laboratory, and property management solutions. Created by law enforcement professionals, the company offers solutions that streamline and automate the management of evidence and laboratory gathering and processing. PDEvidence chose to offer its solutions via the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. “That’s what allows PDEvidence to address the compliance needs of our customers,” states Ryan Parthemore, founding partner of PDEvidence, a Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Learn more about how AWS is helping law enforcement agencies with CJIS workloads. Contact to find out how you can leverage AWS in your state.