AWS Direct Connect

Create a dedicated network connection to AWS

Benefits of Direct Connect

Improve application performance by connecting directly to AWS and bypassing the public internet.
Low rates for transferring data out of AWS may reduce your networking costs compared to other AWS services.
Secure your data as it moves between your network and AWS with multiple encryption options.

How it works

The AWS Direct Connect cloud service is the shortest path to your AWS resources. While in transit, your network traffic remains on the AWS global network and never touches the public internet. This reduces the chance of hitting bottlenecks or unexpected increases in latency. When creating a new connection, you can choose a hosted connection provided by an AWS Direct Connect Delivery Partner, or choose a dedicated connection from AWS—and deploy at AWS Direct Connect locations around the globe. With AWS Direct Connect SiteLink, you can send data between AWS Direct Connect locations to create private network connections between the offices and data centers in your global network.
  • Connect to AWS
  • Connect to AWS
  • Connect your locations
  • Connect your locations

Use cases

Link your AWS and on-premises networks to build applications that span environments without compromising performance.
Once you link your network to AWS Direct Connect, you can use SiteLink to send data between your locations. When using SiteLink, data travels over the shortest path between locations.
Ensure smooth and reliable data transfers at massive scale for real-time analysis, rapid data backup, or broadcast media processing.

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