AWS's breadth of services and pricing options offer the flexibility to effectively manage your costs and still keep the performance and capacity your business requires. With AWS, you can easily right size your services, leverage Reserved Instances, and use powerful cost management tools to monitor your costs, so you can always be on top of your how much you’re spending.

AWS also makes many innovative services available at a fraction of the price of on-premises solutions. Services like Amazon RDS for Aurora and Amazon Redshift help you run enterprise-grade solutions at one tenth of the cost of comparable on-premises solutions.

By following a few simple steps, you can effectively control your AWS costs:

  1. Right-size your services to meet capacity needs at the lowest cost 
  2. Save money when you reserve 
  3. Use the spot market 
  4. Monitor and track service usage 
  5. Use Cost Explorer to optimize savings
Learn how you can optimize costs when using AWS

Learn more about cost optimization at scale

Learn more about the fundamental tenets of cost optimization and how they can be applied in your organization.

Calculate your savings

AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

The AWS TCO calculator gives you the option to evaluate the savings from using AWS and comparing against on premises and co-location environments. The TCO calculator matches your current infrastructure to the most cost effective AWS offering. This tool takes into consideration all the costs to run a solution, including physical facilities, power and cooling, providing a realistic end-to-end comparison of your costs.

AWS Pricing Calculator

AWS Pricing Calculator lets you explore AWS services and create an estimate for the cost of your use cases on AWS. You can model your solutions before building them, explore the price points and calculations behind your estimate, and find the available instance types and contract terms that meet your needs. This enables you to make informed decisions about using AWS. You can plan your AWS costs and usage or price out setting up a new set of instances and services.

Are you looking for more ways to optimize your compute resources?

AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Compute Optimizer provide recommendations to help you identify opportunities to modify your instances and save money. These two services use slightly different approaches to optimization and depending on your goals, both can be very helpful.

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AWS helps your organization gain market advantages

AWS' broad portfolio of solutions and services, empower organizations to drive measurable business success. A report from IDC indicates that AWS customers achieve important financial benefits that help increase growth, drive efficiencies, and realize important long-term cost reductions.


More Efficient IT Infrastructure Staff


Lower 5 Year Cost of Operations


Less Staff Time to Deploy New Storage


More Productive Application Development Teams


Months to Payback


More New Features Delivered

AWS Cost Management & Optimization Whitepapers

This series of whitepapers provide in depth analysis, recommendations and best practices that can help you better manage your AWS cost management strategy. Use these resources when developing the business case and recommended best practices to navigate through your cost optimization programs.

Cost Management in the AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a suite of cost management tools to help you get the most value from your AWS investment. This whitepaper provides an overview of many of these tools, as well as organizational best practices for creating a cost-conscious mindset.

Cost Optimization Playbook

This e-book provides an overview of the most important tenets of cost optimization, including foundations of cost optimization, right sizing, reserved instances, elasticity, spot instances, storage optimization, cost management tools, and creating a lean cost culture.

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