AWS Partner Learning Path: AWS Business Professional

Built for individuals to gain a basic understanding of AWS services and core business value propositions

With the AWS Business Professional Learning Path, start by achieving AWS Business Professional and AWS Cloud Economics accreditations to confirm you understand the fundamentals of AWS. Then advance to additional training by workload or solution area.

Learn more about the courses in each learning progression below.

  • Follow this recommended sequence of courses and exams to build your AWS Cloud skills in this Learning Path.

    AWS Business Professional

    This course covers a basic understanding of AWS, the key services that comprise AWS, and core business value propositions. Online modules help build the foundation to effectively leverage AWS solutions to customers.

    Digital | 3.5 hours

    AWS Cloud Economics

    This course introduces partners to the benefits of migrating their customers to the AWS Cloud. Partners will learn about cost savings and data center economics in relation to cloud computing.

    Classroom | 1 day
    Digital | 3.5 hours

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: APN Technology Partners Co-Selling with AWS (Business)

    This course is designed for alliance teams and sales professionals at APN Technology Partner Organizations who are new to selling with AWS. It covers the value proposition for co-selling with AWS, the AWS co-selling methodology, and the programs and resources that support co-selling.

    Classroom | 4 hours
    Digital | 2 hours

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Foundations (Business)

    This course was designed specifically to help new AWS Partners build their business with AWS. Partners will learn how to address customer business challenges through AWS best practices and position the benefits of AWS Cloud with their customers.


    Classroom | 1 day
    Digital | 3.5 hours

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Second Edition)

    Learn about the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud, build your cloud skills, and grow your professional credibility by taking this free digital self-paced course when and where it’s convenient for you. 

    Digital | 6 hours

    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

    This exam enables individuals with an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud to validate their knowledge with an industry-recognized credential. This exam covers four domains, including: cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing and pricing

    Exam | 1.5 hours

  • Additional Training

    AWS Professional Services: Cloud Adoption Framework

    AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) training is designed to provide an overview of the AWS CAF and the AWS CAF Alignment Workshop. This one-day workshop mixes theory and practice, providing attendees with working knowledge of the AWS CAF and the ability to facilitate the AWS CAF Alignment Workshop.

    Classroom | 1 day

    AWS Professional Services: Cloud Advisory

    This course teaches you how to build a compelling business case for cloud adoption, and how to accelerate customer's cloud adoption process. You will learn how to apply the cloud economics concepts to a business case; and perform a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and a Total Cost of Migration (TCM) exercise.

    Classroom | 2 days

    AWS Technical Professional

    Partners will learn fundamental, technical knowledge of AWS cloud computing, global infrastructure, services, solutions, migration and security.

    Digital | 3 hours

    Solutions Training for Partners: Foundations (Technical)

    This course is intended to introduce the basic skills needed to lead pre-sales, AWS technical engagements with customers. Using a simple, case-study-based approach, this course will present the frameworks, techniques, and guidelines critical to capturing requirements and translating those requirements into AWS solutions.

    Classroom | 1 day
    Digital | 5 hours

    Additional Free Digital Training

  • Solutions Training for Partners Available by Workload or Solution

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Foundations - Public Sector - Business

    This partner course was designed specifically for AWS Partner Network (APN) with business in the public sector. By learning about AWS best practices specific to public sector organizations, AWS Partners can have clear and concise prospecting conversations with customers.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Microsoft Workloads on AWS (Business)

    This course was designed for partners with a foundational understanding of cloud technology. Partners will learn about the specific benefits of moving Microsoft workloads to AWS.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: SAP on AWS (Business)

    This course will provide AWS Partners with new market data, case studies, and customer engagement models to help partners identify SAP workload opportunities for their customers.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: IoT on AWS (Business)

    This course provides an overview of current market trends and AWS products and services for IoT. Partners will learn how to describe the AWS IoT value proposition, identify and qualify IoT opportunities, handle customer objections, discuss pricing considerations, and accelerate IoT adoption.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Amazon Connect (Business)

    This course introduces the business benefits of setting up a cloud-based contact center using Amazon Connect. You will learn about the Amazon Connect Partner Program, as well as how to solve customer challenges and discuss the value proposition and pricing model of Amazon Connect to customers.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Data Analytics on AWS (Business)

    Learn AWS recommended best practices for effective business discovery conversations, how to align high-level data analytics solutions to customers’ important business initiatives, and how to qualify and validate data analytics business opportunities. In addition, a practice plan will be provided which will be a blueprint for outlining partner 12-month strategies and goals.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Desktop and Application Streaming (Business)

    This course introduces the benefits of using AWS for end user computing (EUC) needs. The course highlights the EUC market trends, use cases, and opportunities. You will learn about the AWS EUC solutions and customer success stories.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Machine Learning on AWS (Business)

    This course focuses on establishing knowledge to effectively engage with customers in positioning AWS for machine learning (ML) workloads.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Migrating to AWS (Business) 2.0

    This course focuses on the value proposition for migrating IT workloads to the AWS Cloud and building a migration practice with AWS. Partners will learn the three phases of a migration and how to build a business case. They will also review the business drivers and sales approach for migrations.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Migrating to AWS (Business)

    This introductory-level, nontechnical course is designed for the AWS sales field and business professionals at AWS Partner consulting organizations who engage with customers to migrate their enterprise IT workloads to AWS at scale.

    AWS Solutions Training for Partners: VMWare Cloud on AWS (Business)

    This course was built to provide AWS Partners an introduction to the VMware Cloud on AWS. Partners will learn the key benefits and use-cases to identify and qualify VMware Cloud on AWS opportunities.

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