EKS Customer References 2019

Advalo is a predictive marketing platform company, reaching customers during the most influential moments in their purchase decision. 

VIDEO (AWS Startup Stories): Watch this video to learn more about predictive modeling with CRM data, presented by Advalo co-founder

"We are running our applications on EKS, launching up to 2,000 nodes per day and running up to 75,000 pods for microservices and Machine Learning apps, allowing us to detect purchase intent through individualized Marketing in the website and shops of our customers."

- Edouard Devouge, Lead SRE at Advalo

Millions of shoppers use Reevoo to make better buying decisions in their everyday lives. Hundreds of brands all over the world use our solutions to get a better idea of what makes their customers tick.

"Reevoo is a cloud first technology and services company that has built a microservices architecture with over 40 individual applications. We migrated from a self-managed kubernetes 1.7 cluster to EKS in order to benefit from features such as AWS VPC native networking and integration with IAM. We integrate with many other AWS services including RDS and EFS for persistent kubernetes volumes.

By offloading the management of the control plane to AWS we are able to focus on improving our apps and not cluster management, which enables us to have a small Devops team to manage our application stack. We currently run over 800 pods across our various environments. We launched our new EKS environments one week before Black Friday in 2018 and successfully managed a 300% increase in traffic for our retail sector clients with no scalability issues at all."

- Asitha Rodrigo, CTO, Reevoo

Depop is the social marketplace where over 14M people come to buy, sell and discover unique items. Our mission is to make our platform the place for the most vibrant communities in the world.

"In moving to EKS, we were able to improve all aspects of our deployment pipeline, leading to a reduction in build and deployment times of up to 300%. As we were already on AWS, moving to Kubernetes on EKS has allowed us to create 30+ new services in just 6 months.”

- Richard Clark, Head of Systems Engineering, Depop

Nanit is an American technology start-up company that develops baby monitor devices connected through its mobile application.

BLOG (Medium Article): Learn more about Nanit's journey to EKS

VIDEO (AWS Summit): Check out their talk at the Tel Aviv AWS Summit 2019, where they share tips for a successful migration to EKS 

EKS Customer References 2018


AppCard is an advanced customer retention system designed specifically to service the needs of mid-size retailers, franchises, and independent grocers who are ready to start capitalizing on the potential of their customer data and analytics.

“Kubernetes is fast becoming the preferred solution for container orchestration. Its biggest downside is that it is not simple to set up and operate. EKS gives us all the benefits of Kubernetes, but takes care of managing the hard stuff (setting up the masters and keeping them up to date and more). We can dedicate less resources to deployment and operations as result. Its integration with other AWS services such as IAM is a great plus that enables us to manage dev access from a single place. We are already using AWS services in many other areas and expect a smooth production transition to EKS.”

- Amichay Oren, Co-founder & CTO, AppCard Inc.

Spotinst provides a highly intelligent workload software to help enterprises save time and costs (up to 80%) on their cloud compute infrastructure.

“Spotinst provides an intelligent workload management that automatically optimizes your AWS infrastructures to increase performance, improve availability and lower computing costs. Spotinst uses a powerful prediction algorithm in the Amazon EC2 Spot market, that generates typical costs savings of 80-90%. Spotinst is Amazon EKS partner, it integrates with Amazon EKS and provides the ability to run cost and application-aware Autoscaling clusters by provisioning highly available Spot Instances, with real-time cost spend monitoring capabilities. Spotinst is using its EKS Autoscaler to determine the best blend of instance types from different instance families and sizes (including CPU, GPU & FPGA support) to match different containers requirements (CPU, Memory, Network, etc.) in the cluster. Spotinst also provides full visibility into EKS, allowing users to increase their performance, improve availability and lower the infrastructure costs. Spotinst has dozens of customers running production Amazon EKS clusters to provide the best experience of running Kubernetes in AWS.”

- Lavi Ferdman, VP of Sales, Spotinst



CyberAgent is a company developing Internet services for the world.

“We have been investing our engineering resources on containers and Kubernetes technologies to build our applications/services. Having a managed service to run Kubernetes on AWS gives us more agility, flexibility, and scalability to build microservices oriented applications/services on AWS.”

- Ichiro Fukuda, Chief Architect of Media Platform Development Division, CyberAgent Inc.



The Otonomo automotive data services platform provides the first connected car data platform that paves the way for new apps and services based on data.

“Otonomo leverages Container technology to power its Automotive Data Services Platform. Opting for Kubernetes, which has become the de facto standard for deploying containerized applications at scale was the obvious choice. We are using it to run our Elastic Back-End, running high load ETL services and implementing an efficient Blue/Green deployment throughout the system services.”

- Sefi Itzkovich, VP Architecture, Otonomo



SafetyCulture help companies achieve safer and higher quality workplaces all around the world through innovative, low-cost mobile first products.

“As a fast moving startup, SafetyCulture is excited by the opportunity Amazon EKS will provide to rapidly implement Kubernetes within our existing AWS environment. We already implement the EKS service, and this allow us to focus immediately on demonstrating the benefits that Kubernetes provides, and to begin migrating some of our Open Source workloads. SafetyCulture already makes use of many open source technologies to deliver value to our customers (e.g., React, Docker, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Golang), and Kubernetes is a natural fit for our Cloud native application stack.” 

- Tim Curtin, Engineering Team Lead, SafetyCulture



Wizeline is a global product development company. We help our clients solve their biggest challenges with design and technology.

“Leveraging the rate of new developments in AWS helps my team to build like a start-up even though we are part of a major enterprise business. By leaning on new AWS services like EKS, we commoditize parts of our infrastructure and create space for us to explore new areas of tooling and automation that are still emerging." We are using EKS to easily orchestrate our deployments with no downtime, and easily escalate, also this is helping us maximize the capacity of the servers. Most of our internal apps (bots, APIs, web) are being deployed automatically in EKS."

- Chris Jackson, Director Cloud Platforms. Wizeline



TIBCO Software Inc. is the leading independent provider of infrastructure software creating event-enabled enterprises to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments.

Our experience with the Amazon EKS preview was excellent. The combination of EKS and TIBCO technologies like Flogo and BusinessWorks will significantly simplify the creating, deploying, scaling and managing of event-driven containerized microservices and applications.

- Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, vice president, product management, TIBCO



The world's most effective and responsible data analytics company in pursuit of customers' most strategic opportunities.

“Verisk Analytics is a data analytics and risk assessment firm, serving customers worldwide in insurance, natural resources, financial services, government, and risk management. We are pleased to use EKS in building the microservices-based front end of the next generation of our Xactware application platform.”

- Ryan Smith, Senior Vice President of DevOps, Xactware (Verisk subsidiary)



Recruit Marketing Partners is a company that develops business in the field of life events focusing on encounter, marriage, childbirth, childbearing, learning, car life.

We take advantage of AWS managed services to reduce the burden to maintain the infrastructure and focus on application developments. We like the fact that EKS offers seamless integration with existing AWS services while running the upstream version of Kubernetes. We look forward to see Fargate integration with EKS next, so that we can focus on application development even more.

- Yoshinori Takesako, Professional Officer, Recruit Marketing Partners Co. Ltd.



Schibsted Media Group is one of the world’s leading online classified ads businesses, and is active in 22 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Schibsted is the top online marketplace group in Spain, operating sites like milanuncios, InfoJobs, fotocasa, habitaclia, coches.net, motos.net and vibbo. The company has migrated several workloads from VMs into containers in AWS and is able to efficiently run thousands of containers in production, achieving up to 80% resource utilization and cost savings of up to 50%

- Ramón Salvadó, VP of Engineering, Schibsted.



Troops is the leading integration platform between Salesforce & Slack. Automate key workflows, eliminate busy work, and deliver insights to make work easier.

Troops is intending to run all of its production workloads, which include our website as well as our data processing and delivery jobs, on EKS. We already use Kubernetes running on EC2, but would love the flexibility and convenience to run them as managed services. In addition to improving the speed of deployment and scalability, this will greatly reduce our security and compliance overhead by delegating it to AWS.

- Greg Ratner, Co-Founder, CTO, Troops


Coveo is a provider of intelligent and predictive search technologies.

Coveo makes business personal. As the pioneers of cloud-based AI-powered search and recommendations, Coveo has always been driven by making the lives of our customers easier. We are using AWS ECS to manage the scalability of our crawling services. It enables us to easily and quickly scale out and scale in based on the load and crawl content faster for our customers.

- Marc Sanfacon, Co-founder and SVP Technology, Coveo



Qubole is the #1 Cloud-Native Data Platform for Self-Service AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics.

Qubole provides a cloud-native platform for AI, ML, and analytics. With EKS, we plan to leverage a common Kubernetes platform for building, deploying, and operating Qubole web applications on AWS. EKS means greater efficiency for us: through its tight integration with AWS IAM, we will be able to eliminate another authorization mechanism in our deployments. Most importantly, we expect to free up resources that can focus on other important tasks like application development, instead of Kubernetes cluster management.”

- Drew Daniels, Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer of Qubole

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