Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed desktop computing service in the cloud. Using Amazon WorkSpaces allows you to easily provision cloud-based desktops and provide users access to the documents, applications, and resources they need from any supported device including Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Kindle Fire tablets, and Android tablets. With just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can deploy a high-quality cloud desktop experience for any number of users at a cost that is competitive with traditional desktops and half the cost of most Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions.

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Introduction to Amazon WorkSpaces (2:43)

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Amazon WorkSpaces makes it easy to manage your desktop computing infrastructure by eliminating the need for up-front investments and avoiding the complexity of maintaining, patching, and managing a large physical desktop environment or a complex Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution.

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Amazon WorkSpaces provides each user with access to persistent storage in the AWS cloud. When users access their desktops using Amazon WorkSpaces, a remote display protocol is used to compress, encrypt, and encode data so that only images are transmitted. Amazon WorkSpaces also integrates with the AWS Key Management Service (KMS), providing the ability to encrypt WorkSpaces storage volumes.

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Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (Amazon WAM) offers a fast, flexible, and secure way for you to package, deploy, and update your organization's desktop applications for Amazon WorkSpaces.

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Amazon WorkSpaces offers a choice of bundles providing different amounts of CPU, memory, and storage so you can match your Amazon WorkSpaces to your requirements. Amazon WorkSpaces offers preinstalled OS and applications (including Microsoft Office), or you can bring your own Windows desktop licenses or other licensed software.

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Because the desktops are in the cloud, users can access their Amazon WorkSpaces from any supported device including Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Kindle Fire tablets, and Android tablets.

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Amazon WorkSpaces securely integrates with your corporate Active Directory so that your users can continue using their existing enterprise credentials to seamlessly access company resources. This also makes it easy to manage your WorkSpaces using familiar systems management tools.

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For users who wish to access their desktops from mobile devices such as an iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablet, Amazon WorkSpaces provides them with access to their desktop when they need it, on the device of their choice.

Amazon WorkSpaces can help you meet stringent compliance requirements and deliver a managed desktop to users in scenarios where you cannot control physical access to desktops.

For employees working at off-site locations, such as home-based employees, Amazon WorkSpaces enables you to provide access to the applications users need by delivering a cloud desktop. By not storing the data locally, the security of your corporate data is improved.

If you have seasonal workers in your organization, you can provision WorkSpaces for them with all the applications they need, and then terminate the WorkSpaces when they leave.

For training organizations or in an academic environment, WorkSpaces can easily be provisioned for students to access the resources they need and be removed at the end of the course or semester.

You can provision WorkSpaces for developers and install the tools they need to build applications for your business. Your source code is not stored on developers’ devices helping you keep your intellectual property safe.