AWS AppSync

Build Data Driven Apps with Real-time and Offline capabilities

AWS AppSync automatically updates the data in web and mobile applications in real time, and updates data for offline users as soon as they reconnect. AppSync makes it easy to build collaborative mobile and web applications that deliver responsive, collaborative user experiences.

You can use AWS AppSync to build native mobile and web apps with iOS, Android, JavaScript and React Native. Get started by going to the AWS AppSync console, specify the data for your app with simple code statements, and AppSync will manage everything needed to store, process, and retrieve the data for your application.


Rapid prototyping and development with GraphQL

With AppSync you can specify the data requirements of the application with simple code statements and iterate quickly during the prototyping and development process. AWS AppSync uses GraphQL, an open standard query language that makes it easy for applications to request data from the cloud.

Build real-time, collaborative mobile and web apps

AWS AppSync makes it easy to build collaborative apps that keep shared data updated in real time. You just specify the data for your app with simple code statements and AppSync manages everything needed to keep the app data updated in real-time. AWS AppSync also automatically updates the data for offline users as soon as they reconnect. Only the data needed is fetched, reducing message traffic and improving application performance and battery life.

Automatically manages off-line users’ data

AWS AppSync automatically manages all the data operations for offline users. The service supports an offline programming model where application data is not only available for users who are offline, but users can also add and update app data locally as well. This makes it easy to build apps that cache important data locally for off-line use, and then synchronize with the cloud when the device reconnects.

Helps keep data secure

AWS AppSync helps you keep users' and app data secure. The service integrates with Amazon Cognito and AWS Identity and Access Management, so you can set fine grained permissions on GraphQL operations that put strict controls on who can access the data.

Build apps with data from multiple sources

AWS AppSync makes it easy to combine data from different sources. For example, you could build an app that uses AppSync to combine a user’s activity data from their phone and web usage, fitness tracker activity, and social media postings and combine it with location data to summarize all the users’ activities and locations for the day. With AppSync, your app can access data in Amazon DynamoDB, trigger AWS Lambda functions, or run Amazon Elasticsearch queries and combine data from these services to provide the exact data you need for your app.

Automatically resolves data conflicts

AWS AppSync can automatically resolve conflicts on data which is shared between multiple users and devices. Conflicts can happen when two or more users make updates at the same time. The service has default rules to detect conflicts and ensure they are resolved, but also allows you to add your own business logic into the conflict resolution process with AWS Lambda functions.

How it works


AWS AppSync is currently in public preview. If you would like try building data driven mobile and web applications, please sign up for the preview. During the preview period, there are no fees for AWS AppSync. For pricing details after the preview period ends, please see the pricing page.

Use cases

AWS AppSync is applicable to all types of mobile and web applications across industries, verticals, and categories where the apps require real-time data updates and offline capabilities. Here are some examples of apps that can particularly benefit from being built with AWS AppSync.  

Collaboration applications

AWS AppSync makes it easy to build apps that let multiple users share and collaborate on content. AppSync automatically updates data for different types of content including documents, images, text messages, and shared whiteboards.

Social Media, Chat, Dating

AWS AppSync is perfect for building social media, chat, and dating apps. AppSync can help by managing the messaging among multiple users with a variety of data types and sources. With AppSync, users can interact with their apps even when they are offline and AppSync will update their messages when they reconnect.

AR and VR training applications

AWS AppSync can help manage the data for training and teaching applications, such as doctors in surgery with observers, or teachers giving lessons to students. These types of apps need to support augmented and virtual reality where the data is combined or incorporated into other information and needs to be updated in real-time during a procedure or interactive session like a lesson

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