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How the AWS Competency Program Helps APN Partners Differentiate Their Business

AWS-Competency-2019AWS Competency Partners are uniquely positioned to help companies achieve key business objectives by leveraging the depth and breadth of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and services.

Validating organizations for their deep expertise on AWS and proven customer success, the AWS Competency Program highlights AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners that can help companies take full advantage of the benefits AWS has to offer.

For customers, teaming up with an AWS Competency Partner is The Next Smart if they want to be successful in today’s complex IT environment and remain that way tomorrow and into the future.

At AWS re:Invent 2019, we met up with APN Partners and asked them about their experience with the AWS Competency Program. Here’s what they had to say!

Special thanks to APN Partners Cloudticity, Delphix, Pythian, Saviynt, and Zayo Group for their participation, and for sharing how the AWS Competencies have helped them grow their business and engage AWS customers.

About the AWS Competency Program

Many customers are on a journey to transform their business while driving new value to end users. AWS Competency Partners have the expertise and comprehensive capability to help customers succeed at each stage of their cloud adoption journey.

APN Partners can achieve AWS Competencies spanning workloads, use case, and industries, including:

To receive the AWS Competency designation, APN Partners must undergo rigorous validation, as well as an assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of their AWS offerings and practices.

APN Technology Partners must also undergo a Well-Architected Review during the AWS Competency application process to ensure they are following AWS best practices for architecting systems in the cloud. This validation gives customers complete confidence in choosing APN Partners to team up with.

Benefits of the AWS Competency Program

Once they have been validated, AWS Competency Partners receive core program benefits that help increase visibility with customers and include:

  • Showcased listing across AWS web pages, including the AWS Partner Solutions Finder.
  • Promotional opportunities through co-branded marketing campaigns.
  • Access to additional Market Development Funds (MDF) and discounts.
  • Promotional activities at AWS-hosted and third-party industry events through the AWS Sponsorship program.

See the full list of benefits for AWS Competency Partners >>

Hear More from our Partners

Customers frequently ask us for recommendations of skilled APN Partners that can help them meet business objectives and get the most out of AWS.

Here’s how the AWS Competency Program is helping APN Partners grow their business.

Earn Trust with Customers

“Becoming a part of the AWS Financial Services Competency Program gives our customers confidence that we’ve met the highest level of know-how to operate and deploy the EIS suite within AWS.” ~ EIS Group, AWS Financial Services Competency Partner

“AWS Competencies [have] directly benefited our customers. As we’ve gone through the process of achieving the competencies, we’ve built a better product that’s more directly integrated into the products and services in the AWS ecosystem.” ~ Matillion, AWS Data & Analytics Competency Partner

“As an AWS Competency Partner, we had to go through a very rigorous vetting process that helped us meet our client’s need because it made us a better company. We had to look very carefully at how we do business, and whether we’re truly focused on doing those things and measuring those things that provide value directly back to our clients.” ~ Cloudicity, AWS Competencies in DevOps and Healthcare

Demonstrate Your Expertise

“If we’re going to tell companies that we excel at managing their cloud, then we’d better be able to demonstrate our expertise by passing rigorous audits of our capabilities.” ~ Smartronix, AWS Competencies in DevOps, Migration, Government, Security, and Nonprofit

“The AWS Machine Learning Competency helped us to reach new customers, as well as expand with those existing customers to introduce them to the power of machine learning when it comes to data unification and the scalable platform of AWS.” ~ Tamr, AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner

“The AWS Competency Program has allowed us to really hone our skills around end user compute and really demonstrate, not only to ourselves but to the market, our team’s expertise in this space.” ~ Tehama, AWS End User Computing Competency Partner

Learn More About the AWS Competency Program

As an APN Consulting or Technology Partner, you may apply for one or more AWS Competencies by demonstrating your company’s technical expertise and customer success.

Follow these steps to get started on your AWS Competency Partner Journey!

You can also learn more about AWS Competency Partner success:

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