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Dialogue-guided visual language processing with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

Visual language processing (VLP) is at the forefront of generative AI, driving advancements in multimodal learning that encompasses language intelligence, vision understanding, and processing. Combined with large language models (LLM) and Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training (CLIP) trained with a large quantity of multimodality data, visual language models (VLMs) are particularly adept at tasks like image captioning, […]

Schneider Electric leverages Retrieval Augmented LLMs on SageMaker to ensure real-time updates in their CRM systems

This post was co-written with Anthony Medeiros, Manager of Solutions Engineering and Architecture for North America Artificial Intelligence, and Blake Santschi, Business Intelligence Manager, from Schneider Electric. Additional Schneider Electric experts include Jesse Miller, Somik Chowdhury, Shaswat Babhulgaonkar, David Watkins, Mark Carlson and Barbara Sleczkowski.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are used by companies to […]

Use AWS PrivateLink to set up private access to Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service provided by AWS that offers developers access to foundation models (FMs) and the tools to customize them for specific applications. It allows developers to build and scale generative AI applications using FMs through an API, without managing infrastructure. You can choose from various FMs from Amazon and leading […]

Elevate your marketing solutions with Amazon Personalize and generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence is transforming how enterprises do business. Organizations are using AI to improve data-driven decisions, enhance omnichannel experiences, and drive next-generation product development. Enterprises are using generative AI specifically to power their marketing efforts through emails, push notifications, and other outbound communication channels. Gartner predicts that “by 2025, 30% of outbound marketing messages […]

Empower your business users to extract insights from company documents using Amazon SageMaker Canvas and Generative AI

Enterprises seek to harness the potential of Machine Learning (ML) to solve complex problems and improve outcomes. Until recently, building and deploying ML models required deep levels of technical and coding skills, including tuning ML models and maintaining operational pipelines. Since its introduction in 2021, Amazon SageMaker Canvas has enabled business analysts to build, deploy, […]

Intelligent document processing with Amazon Textract, Amazon Bedrock, and LangChain

In today’s information age, the vast volumes of data housed in countless documents present both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses. Traditional document processing methods often fall short in efficiency and accuracy, leaving room for innovation, cost-efficiency, and optimizations. Document processing has witnessed significant advancements with the advent of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). With […]

Learn how Amazon Pharmacy created their LLM-based chat-bot using Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy on that offers transparent pricing, clinical and customer support, and free delivery right to your door. Customer care agents play a crucial role in quickly and accurately retrieving information related to pharmacy information, including prescription clarifications and transfer status, order and dispensing details, and patient profile information, in […]

Personalize your generative AI applications with Amazon SageMaker Feature Store

In this post, we elucidate the simple yet powerful idea of combining user profiles and item attributes to generate personalized content recommendations using LLMs. As demonstrated throughout the post, these models hold immense potential in generating high-quality, context-aware input text, which leads to enhanced recommendations. To illustrate this, we guide you through the process of integrating a feature store (representing user profiles) with an LLM to generate these personalized recommendations.

Build an image-to-text generative AI application using multimodality models on Amazon SageMaker

In this post, we provide an overview of popular multimodality models. We also demonstrate how to deploy these pre-trained models on Amazon SageMaker. Furthermore, we discuss the diverse applications of these models, focusing particularly on several real-world scenarios, such as zero-shot tag and attribution generation for ecommerce and automatic prompt generation from images.

Fast and cost-effective LLaMA 2 fine-tuning with AWS Trainium

Large language models (LLMs) have captured the imagination and attention of developers, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and executives across several industries. These models can be used for question answering, summarization, translation, and more in applications such as conversational agents for customer support, content creation for marketing, and coding assistants. Recently, Meta released Llama 2 for both […]