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How Skyflow creates technical content in days using Amazon Bedrock

This guest post is co-written with Manny Silva, Head of Documentation at Skyflow, Inc. Startups move quickly, and engineering is often prioritized over documentation. Unfortunately, this prioritization leads to release cycles that don’t match, where features release but documentation lags behind. This leads to increased support calls and unhappy customers. Skyflow is a data privacy […]

AIML CoE Framework

Establishing an AI/ML center of excellence

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) have made these technologies a transformative force across industries. According to a McKinsey study, across the financial services industry (FSI), generative AI is projected to deliver over $400 billion (5%) of industry revenue in productivity benefits. As maintained by Gartner, more than 80% of enterprises […]

Scale AI training and inference for drug discovery through Amazon EKS and Karpenter

This is a guest post co-written with the leadership team of Iambic Therapeutics. Iambic Therapeutics is a drug discovery startup with a mission to create innovative AI-driven technologies to bring better medicines to cancer patients, faster. Our advanced generative and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) tools enable us to search the vast space of possible drug […]


Overcoming common contact center challenges with generative AI and Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Great customer experience provides a competitive edge and helps create brand differentiation. As per the Forrester report, The State Of Customer Obsession, 2022, being customer-first can make a sizable impact on an organization’s balance sheet, as organizations embracing this methodology are surpassing their peers in revenue growth. Despite contact centers being under constant pressure to […]

Simplify access to internal information using Retrieval Augmented Generation and LangChain Agents

This post takes you through the most common challenges that customers face when searching internal documents, and gives you concrete guidance on how AWS services can be used to create a generative AI conversational bot that makes internal information more useful. Unstructured data accounts for 80% of all the data found within organizations, consisting of […]

Build a secure enterprise application with Generative AI and RAG using Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

In this post, we build a secure enterprise application using AWS Amplify that invokes an Amazon SageMaker JumpStart foundation model, Amazon SageMaker endpoints, and Amazon OpenSearch Service to explain how to create text-to-text or text-to-image and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). You can use this post as a reference to build secure enterprise applications in the Generative AI domain using AWS services.

Build a generative AI-based content moderation solution on Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

In this post, we introduce a novel method to perform content moderation on image data with multi-modal pre-training and a large language model (LLM). With multi-modal pre-training, we can directly query the image content based on a set of questions of interest and the model will be able to answer these questions. This enables users to chat with the image to confirm if it contains any inappropriate content that violates the organization’s policies. We use the powerful generating capability of LLMs to generate the final decision including safe/unsafe labels and category type. In addition, by designing a prompt, we can make an LLM generate the defined output format, such as JSON format. The designed prompt template allows the LLM to determine if the image violates the moderation policy, identify the category of violation, explain why, and provide the output in a structured JSON format.

How Thomson Reuters developed Open Arena, an enterprise-grade large language model playground, in under 6 weeks

In this post, we discuss how Thomson Reuters Labs created Open Arena, Thomson Reuters’s enterprise-wide large language model (LLM) playground that was developed in collaboration with AWS. The original concept came out of an AI/ML Hackathon supported by Simone Zucchet (AWS Solutions Architect) and Tim Precious (AWS Account Manager) and was developed into production using AWS services in under 6 weeks with support from AWS. AWS-managed services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon SageMaker, as well as the pre-built Hugging Face Deep Learning Containers (DLCs), contributed to the pace of innovation.

Intelligent video and audio Q&A with multilingual support using LLMs on Amazon SageMaker

Digital assets are vital visual representations of products, services, culture, and brand identity for businesses in an increasingly digital world. Digital assets, together with recorded user behavior, can facilitate customer engagement by offering interactive and personalized experiences, allowing companies to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. Efficiently discovering and searching for specific […]

Zero-shot and few-shot prompting for the BloomZ 176B foundation model with the simplified Amazon SageMaker JumpStart SDK

Amazon SageMaker JumpStart is a machine learning (ML) hub offering algorithms, models, and ML solutions. With SageMaker JumpStart, ML practitioners can choose from a growing list of best performing and publicly available foundation models (FMs) such as BLOOM, Llama 2, Falcon-40B, Stable Diffusion, OpenLLaMA, Flan-T5/UL2, or FMs from Cohere and LightOn. In this post and […]