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Identifying and avoiding common data issues while building no code ML models with Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Business analysts work with data and like to analyze, explore, and understand data to achieve effective business outcomes. To address business problems, they often rely on machine learning (ML) practitioners such as data scientists to assist with techniques such as utilizing ML to build models using existing data and generate predictions. However, it isn’t always […]

Train a time series forecasting model faster with Amazon SageMaker Canvas Quick build

Today, Amazon SageMaker Canvas introduces the ability to use the Quick build feature with time series forecasting use cases. This allows you to train models and generate the associated explainability scores in under 20 minutes, at which point you can generate predictions on new, unseen data. Quick build training enables faster experimentation to understand how […]

Use Amazon SageMaker Canvas for exploratory data analysis

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is a common task performed by business analysts to discover patterns, understand relationships, validate assumptions, and identify anomalies in their data. In machine learning (ML), it’s important to first understand the data and its relationships before getting into model building. Traditional ML development cycles can sometimes take months and require advanced […]

Provision and manage ML environments with Amazon SageMaker Canvas using AWS CDK and AWS Service Catalog

November 2022: This post was reviewed and updated with new functionality in Amazon SageMaker Canvas that supports tags to track and allocate costs incurred by users. The proliferation of machine learning (ML) across a wide range of use cases is becoming prevalent in every industry. However, this outpaces the increase in the number of ML […]

Enable intelligent decision-making with Amazon SageMaker Canvas and Amazon QuickSight

Every company, regardless of its size, wants to deliver the best products and services to its customers. To achieve this, companies want to understand industry trends and customer behavior, and optimize internal processes and data analyses on a routine basis. This is a crucial component of a company’s success. A very prominent part of the […]

Predict shipment ETA with no-code machine learning using Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Logistics and transportation companies track ETA (estimated time of arrival), which is a key metric for their business. Their downstream supply chain activities are planned based on this metric. However, delays often occur, and the ETA might differ from the product’s or shipment’s actual time of arrival (ATA), for instance due to shipping distance or […]

Predict types of machine failures with no-code machine learning using Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Predicting common machine failure types is critical in manufacturing industries. Given a set of characteristics of a product that is tied to a given type of failure, you can develop a model that can predict the failure type when you feed those attributes to a machine learning (ML) model. ML can help with insights, but […]

Extract insights from SAP ERP with no-code ML solutions with Amazon AppFlow and Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Customers in industries like consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, and retail are always looking for ways to empower their operational processes by enriching them with insights and analytics generated from data. Tasks like sales forecasting directly affect operations such as raw material planning, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and inbound/outbound logistics, and it can have many levels of […]

Use a pre-signed URL to provide your business analysts with secure access to Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Agility and security have historically been two aspects of IT of paramount importance for any company. With the simplification of access to advanced IT technologies thanks to low-code and no-code (LCNC) tools, an even bigger number of people must be enabled to access resources, without impacting security. For many companies, the solution has been to […]

Enable business analysts to access Amazon SageMaker Canvas without using the AWS Management Console with AWS SSO

IT has evolved in recent years: thanks to low-code and no-code (LCNC) technologies, an increasing number of people with varying backgrounds require access to tools and platforms that were previously a prerogative to more tech-savvy individuals in the company, such as engineers or developers. Out of those LCNC technologies, we have recently announced Amazon SageMaker […]