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mlops architecture

Promote pipelines in a multi-environment setup using Amazon SageMaker Model Registry, HashiCorp Terraform, GitHub, and Jenkins CI/CD

Building out a machine learning operations (MLOps) platform in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for organizations is essential for seamlessly bridging the gap between data science experimentation and deployment while meeting the requirements around model performance, security, and compliance. In order to fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements, the […]

Customizing coding companions for organizations

Generative AI models for coding companions are mostly trained on publicly available source code and natural language text. While the large size of the training corpus enables the models to generate code for commonly used functionality, these models are unaware of code in private repositories and the associated coding styles that are enforced when developing […]

MONAI Deploy on AWS Architecture Diagram

Build a medical imaging AI inference pipeline with MONAI Deploy on AWS

In this post, we show you how to create a MAP connector to AWS HealthImaging, which is reusable in applications built with the MONAI Deploy App SDK, to integrate with and accelerate image data retrieval from a cloud-native DICOM store to medical imaging AI workloads. The MONAI Deploy SDK can be used to support hospital operations. We also demonstrate two hosting options to deploy MAP AI applications on SageMaker at scale.

Optimize for sustainability with Amazon CodeWhisperer

This post explores how Amazon CodeWhisperer can help with code optimization for sustainability through increased resource efficiency. Computationally resource-efficient coding is one technique that aims to reduce the amount of energy required to process a line of code and, as a result, aid companies in consuming less energy overall. In this era of cloud computing, […]

Harnessing the power of enterprise data with generative AI: Insights from Amazon Kendra, LangChain, and large language models

Large language models (LLMs) with their broad knowledge, can generate human-like text on almost any topic. However, their training on massive datasets also limits their usefulness for specialized tasks. Without continued learning, these models remain oblivious to new data and trends that emerge after their initial training. Furthermore, the cost to train new LLMs can […]

Use generative AI to increase agent productivity through automated call summarization

Your contact center serves as the vital link between your business and your customers. Every call to your contact center is an opportunity to learn more about your customers’ needs and how well you are meeting those needs. Most contact centers require their agents to summarize their conversation after every call. Call summarization is a valuable tool that helps contact centers understand and gain insights from customer calls. Additionally, accurate call summaries enhance the customer journey by eliminating the need for customers to repeat information when transferred to another agent. In this post, we explain how to use the power of generative AI to reduce the effort and improve the accuracy of creating call summaries and call dispositions. We also show how to get started quickly using the latest version of our open source solution, Live Call Analytics with Agent Assist.

Customize Amazon Textract with business-specific documents using Custom Queries

Amazon Textract is a machine learning (ML) service that automatically extracts text, handwriting, and data from scanned documents. Queries is a feature that enables you to extract specific pieces of information from varying, complex documents using natural language. Custom Queries provides a way for you to customize the Queries feature for your business-specific, non-standard documents […]

Stream large language model responses in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

We are excited to announce that Amazon SageMaker JumpStart can now stream large language model (LLM) inference responses. Token streaming allows you to see the model response output as it is being generated instead of waiting for LLMs to finish the response generation before it is made available for you to use or display. The […]

Bundesliga Match Facts Shot Speed – Who fires the hardest shots in the Bundesliga?

There’s a kind of magic that surrounds a soccer shot so powerful, it leaves spectators, players, and even commentators in a momentary state of awe. Think back to a moment when the sheer force of a strike left an entire Bundesliga stadium buzzing with energy. What exactly captures our imagination with such intensity? While there […]

Deploy ML models built in Amazon SageMaker Canvas to Amazon SageMaker real-time endpoints

Amazon SageMaker Canvas now supports deploying machine learning (ML) models to real-time inferencing endpoints, allowing you take your ML models to production and drive action based on ML-powered insights. SageMaker Canvas is a no-code workspace that enables analysts and citizen data scientists to generate accurate ML predictions for their business needs. Until now, SageMaker Canvas […]