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[Updated 1/13] Watch now: M&E sessions from AWS re:Invent 2019

September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details.

With AWS re:Invent 2019 complete, videos and presentation materials from the Media & Entertainment sessions are now being published. Check out our re:Invent playlist for the latest Media Solutions Track sessions ready for viewing, including:

MDS201 Latest Media & Entertainment industry news from AWS

Ben Masek, Worldwide Head of M&E BD, shares the M&E-relevant service releases from re:Invent 2019. Steph Lone, SVP, Engineering, CBS Sports Digital discusses how they are automating their media supply chain and Mariot Chauvin, Head of Engineering – Digital, Guardian News & Media, talks about how they are using AI/ML to better engage readers.

MDS202 Optimizing live video feeds to the cloud and consumer

Igor Brezac and Julian Daddy from Discovery join Khawaja Shams of AWS to explore how top content providers like Discovery serve audiences with media solutions, machine learning, and core services from AWS.

The presentation slides from this session can be viewed here.

MDS301 WarnerMedia/HBO’s cloud-based linear playout system

Matt Azzarto, Director, Media Technology Engineering at WarnerMedia, talks in-depth about their cloud-based linear playout system. Joined on stage by Amir Abu-Akeel from AWS who provides background and context about linear playout.

MDS303 Evolution of personalization/recommendation for video workflows

Shaun McCarthy of Amazon Prime Video and Liam Morrison of AWS cover some of the most common methods of personalization/recommendation, and Amazon Prime Video shares the evolution of its recommendation system and the real-world challenges it faced.

MDS311 Migrating live television distribution to the cloud, featuring Fox

Fox’s Alastair Hamilton with Evan Statton of AWS speak to how Fox has started their live television distribution migration to the cloud.

The presentation slides from this session can be viewed here.

MDS313 Hotstar: Live streaming at record scale

Hotstar’s Nikhil Soman joins Anil Gangadharan Nair of AWS discuss how Hotstar powers its live sports channels to a world-record live streaming audience.

The presentation slides from this session can be viewed here.

In addition to the sessions from the Media Solutions Track, we also recommend these M&E-related sessions:

ALX201 How developers can build natural, extensible voice conversations

The presentation slides from this session can be viewed here.

ANT329 Amazon ES ingest at Pearson – managing high throughput and scale

We’ll update this post as new M&E sessions from re:Invent come online. Stay tuned!