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AWS Educate Students Create App to Solve Healthcare Accessibility Issues Around the World

At the AWS Public Sector Summit in Singapore, we hosted an Education User Group where we had students from institutions across Southeast Asia present games and products built on AWS with the support of AWS Educate.

The first place winner was Dr. Robo, developed by Chong Jin Wei, a first-year student from National University of Singapore, and Erick Kristantio, a third-year student from Singapore Polytechnic. They created Dr. Robo to solve healthcare accessibility issues around the world, especially in low-income countries where manual labor is insufficient, logistics are complicated, and infrastructure is low.

Dr. Robo connects patients with doctors anywhere in the world through applications on their devices via a mobile device or the internet. Dr. Robo uses Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), and the Internet of Things to provide instant diagnosis from doctors to patients and allows users to get first-hand medical care from the suppliers.

This model allows patients to access simple medical solutions, such as vaccines, or call for ambulance services, pending on the country.

This project came out of the ASEAN100 Hackathon that was organized by Singapore Polytechnic. The hackathon aims to give students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers across ASEAN countries, and collectively create innovative solutions to enable connected, smart cities. Mr. Shin Jen TEO, lecturer at School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, together with his colleagues, hosted and coached the participants at Singapore Polytechnic throughout the three-day event.

“AWS allowed me, as a student, to develop and deploy cloud-based applications that are cost-effective, reliable, and secure, while being seamlessly integrated with my production and debugging pipelines,” said Chong Jin Wei. “I was able to learn more about what AWS has to offer and was inspired to work on projects that I previously thought were impossible. Without AWS Educate, I wouldn’t have known about many of the services AWS has to offer and I would still be trying to do things the hard way.”

“I used AWS to integrate my prototype and IoT devices with the AWS Cloud. This has helped me to innovate to solve problems around us. AWS Educate exposed me to the capabilities that cloud technology can bring to my current and future projects,” said Erick Kristantio.

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