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OSPAR 2022 report now available with 142 services in scope

We’re excited to announce the completion of our annual Outsourced Service Provider’s Audit Report (OSPAR) audit cycle on July 1, 2022. The 2022 OSPAR certification cycle includes the addition of 15 new services in scope, bringing the total number of services in scope to 142 in the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region.

Newly added services in scope include the following:

Successful completion of the OSPAR assessment demonstrates that AWS has a system of controls in place that meet the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) Guidelines on Control Objectives and Procedures for Outsourced Service Providers. Our alignment with the ABS guidelines demonstrates our commitment to meet the security expectations for cloud service providers set by the financial services industry in Singapore. Customers can use the OSPAR assessment to conduct due diligence, and to help reduce the effort and costs required for compliance. An independent third-party auditor, selected from the ABS list of approved auditors, performs the OSPAR assessment.

You can download the latest OSPAR report from AWS Artifact, a self-service portal for on-demand access to AWS compliance reports. Sign in to AWS Artifact in the AWS Management Console, or learn more at Getting Started with AWS Artifact. The list of services in scope for OSPAR is available in the report, and is also available on the AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program webpage.

As always, we’re committed to bringing new services into the scope of our OSPAR program based on your architectural and regulatory needs. If you have questions about the OSPAR report, contact your AWS account team.

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Joseph Goh

Joseph Goh

Joseph is the APJ ASEAN Lead at AWS based in Singapore. He leads security audits, certifications and compliance programs across the Asia Pacific region. Joseph is passionate about delivering programs that build trust with customers and provide them assurance on cloud security.